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Friday, June 23, 2017

Patchwork Scotty Dog

Today we have an exciting guest project to share with you, and it's so fun that my daughter and I already tried it out ourselves!  This project comes to us from, a fantastic resource for educational activities for kids.  Raise your hand if you need something great for your kids to do this summer! The website has put together thousands of these projects, and we're honored to be an exclusive host for today's free pattern!

Isn't this Patchwork Scotty Dog so fun and adorable?!  My daughter helped sew all the squares together and it matches her bedroom perfectly. It took us just a couple hours to complete (with a ton of interruptions) and it's even bigger than we had expected. The perfect afternoon project for the two of us! I took step-by-step photos as we went so you can see our progress, if you're a visual person like I am.  But first, here is the official pattern from

Patchwork Scotty Dog

Turn old scraps of fabric into an adorable patchwork dog. Three-inch squares of fabric are sewn together into a geometric design to create this stuffed patchwork canine­—a perfect addition to a beloved stuffed animal collection or a thoughtful gift for your favorite dog-lover. This unique sewing project introduces young artists to sewing while teaching geometry and measurement on the sly.

What You Need:

84 3-inch squares of cotton fabric in different patterns and colors 
(fat quarter bundles from the fabric store work great)
Sewing needle
Sewing machine
Polyester fiberfill stuffing
2 buttons

Friday, June 16, 2017

Dutch Label Shop

Kristen here!  It is always a delight to do product reviews for our readers, and I must say that today's review is one of my favorite yet. We are going to take a close look at the clothing labels I ordered from Dutch Label Shop, and at the end of the post we even have a fabulous coupon code for you that is good for 30 days!  I assure you -- you want to take advantage of this. My clothing tag mind has been blown! 

Let me start off by saying that I have been ordering clothing tags from another popular shop for several years and they've always been fine.  But I heard about what Dutch Label Shop has to offer and decided to give them a chance.  And WOW, the options!  And the quality!  There's no way I'm going back. 

Dutch Label Shop has so many products to choose from so I don't even know where to begin. They have size labels, care labels, logo labels, cute labels you can design even if you don't have a logo, hang tags, etc, etc, etc.  Seriously you could spend all day on their website.  Or, if you aren't in the mood to spend all day there, you could order what you need in 10 minutes flat! Best of both shopping worlds.  

So, keeping all that vast array of their products in mind, let me show you what *I* chose to order at the end of the day, when all was said and done: 

First up, I ordered their woven clothing labels with my personal boutique logo. I was able to type in the exact shape and layout and size I wanted.  (If only everything in life worked that way.)  They did have suggestions on "standard" sizes that are normally ordered though, if you don't want to think too hard. 

Also, if you don't already have a logo designed that you want to use, there are a bunch of cute fonts and icons to choose from, to personalize a tag even if you've never done anything like this before.

So what did I think?!  Well, the first thing I love about the woven labels is that the design is actually woven into the tag with threads.  It's not just printed or dyed. I actually squealed when I opened up the package.  They're beautiful!

You can choose white on black, black on white, or a zillion other color combinations. I kept mine simple (ish) because that's how I like them. 

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Watercolor Painting on Fabric

  I love the look of watercolors blending together, plus they're super fun to paint with.  Did you know you can also use watercolors to paint on fabric?  Today Tosha is here to teach us how to not only paint on fabric with watercolors, but also how to make it keep looking great, wash after wash!  All you need are the right supplies and techniques.  And guess what -- after the tutorial we even have a GIVEAWAY!  

Isn't the final dress gorgeous?!  Tosha started out with plain white fabric and ended up with THIS!  It was the perfect dress for her little girl's kindergarten graduation.  And now you get to learn how it's done! 


 textile medium (also available at most craft stores)

Here's a closeup of the textile medium bottle, so you know what to look for: 

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Reversible Mary's

Reversible dresses are so much fun!  Two looks in one dress, I mean, it’s just one of those things every seamstress should try!  We have a couple of patterns written to be reversible, like Martha’s and Jillian's.

Mary’s is another pattern that can be made reversible with just a few tweaks of the original pattern.  And it’s totally cute!

Fun, right!  Here’s my little’s one in her reversible Mary’s.

Ok, so first things first, you’ll need Mary’s Vintage Dress and Top.  You can buy the Girls or Baby versions here: (sizes newborn - 18/24 months)

You can make the scalloped version OR the simple hem reversible.

Here are some modifications to make before you cut your fabric:

  •         For the bodice, you’ll have 4 main bodices instead of 2 main and 2 lining.
  •         No armhole facing needed.
  •         You will cut 2 complete skirts, so if the pattern says cut 2, you will cut 4 (2 of each skirt fabric).
  •         If adding the scallops: divide the length listed for the scallop by 2.  Add .25” or so (this will give you more room when sewing the scallops).  This is your new length for the scallop pieces.  Keep the original width.
o   For example:  If the cutting chart says cut 2, 7” x 21.75”.  You will cut 2, 3.75” x 21.75” for each skirt.
o   You will have a total of 4 scallop pieces.  2 for one side and 2 for the other.

OK! Let’s get started!

Here’s what my cutting pile looks like:

If you are not adding scallops, skip to Step 3.

Step 1: Take the scallop pieces and the skirt pieces and place them right sides together.  You will have a front and back skirt/scallop for Combo A and Combo B (4 total).

Step 2: Press the seam allowance up and topstitch or add trim at this time.

Step 3: Place combo A front and back skirt pieces together and sew the side seams together as shown here.  Repeat with Combo B. You now have a skirt loop for Combo A and Combo B.

Step 4: Turn one skirt inside out and place it right sides together with the other skirt.  You may want to pin the skirts together at the bottom so they do not shift.

*For a simple hemmed skirt, you can go ahead and sew around the bottom of the skirts here with the right sides together and skip to Step 7.

Step 5: Trace the scallops on the wrong side of the fabric.  Sew the scallops as directed in the pattern.

Step 6: Clip the scallop curves as directed in the pattern.

Step 7: Turn the skirt right sides out now.  Press the bottom hem or scallops if you added them so they are nice and crisp.

Step 8:  Now we are going to sew our arm curves right sides together. The skirt is wrong sides together, so we will just fold the arm curve sections together. Here is a short video to show you how I did this. Then you can clip the curves and turn them right sides out again.

Step 9: Press well and topstitch under the arm curve.

Now you can follow the pattern for constructing the bodice and attaching the bodice to the dress so that the seams are enclosed.

And you did it!  A beautiful reversible dress!

We cannot wait to see your reversible dresses!  Join our Facebook CKC Patterns community page and share with us!  #ckcmarys
With great joy,

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Weekly Wound Up

Are you ready to see what's new at CKC Patterns this week?  After our big Memorial Day sale, we released three new patterns this week, plus a couple awesome blog tutorials -- AND a new set of Designer Deals!  Let's take a closer look: 

New Releases

Leo's Suspender Shorts are just what you’ve been looking for! They are available in Babies size NB to 18/24m and Boys size 2T-8.  Leo’s features a flat front with elastic in back, a classic pocket in back, and a retro fit that makes them oh-so-adorable. The shorts can be worn with or without the suspenders, and they have a separate rise for front and back, assuring that they are super comfy for wherever he is headed! The suspenders cross in back and fasten onto the waistband in front and back with four large buttons. Leo’s are adorable worn all on their own, or paired with any of his favorite shirts. Use solid colored fabric for a classy look, or one of his favorite character prints to totally make his day. You really can’t go wrong with Leo’s suspender shorts!

Friday, June 2, 2017

Reversible Chicken Feed Tote Bag

Did you see our new Gertrude's Gathering Apron and Dress pattern that released today? It's AMAZING!

 And on top of that, today we also have a FREE accessory pattern for all the hen-lovers out there. 

Isn't this fabulous?!  Tosha has done it again with her awesomeness.  This reversible chicken feed tote bag can be made using any size of sturdy feed bag.  Simply follow the tutorial below. Here's Tosha!  

First, you will choose which feed bag to use. Some are cuter than others but they all work as long as they are made of the canvas-type material rather than just paper.  You will want to empty the bags before you begin. 

 Rinse the bags out with water and then hang to dry.  Some good places to dry them are over chairs, tree limbs, fence posts, etc.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Fabric Shoelaces

Move over hair bows - there's a new matching accessory in town!  

That's right!  For our FREE tutorial today, you get to learn how to make fabric shoelaces!  They're quick and easy to make, plus you can use the leftover scraps from whatever you've been sewing lately. I know my daughter is going to flip when she finds out I can make matching shoelaces for her favorite outfits.  But who am I kidding?  They're not just for her. These are *my* shoes that got the makeover today and I'm totally excited to do it over and over again!  

Let's get started!

Supplies Needed:

1 pair of shoes 

4 shoelace tips or "heat shrink aglets"
(from fabric/craft store) 

1/8 yard of fabric 

Iron, Scissors, Sewing Machine, Needle, Thread

Note: If you aren't able to get shoelace tips (sometimes called heat-shrink aglets), you can still make the shoelaces -- you will just need to bind the ends with tape, or use a needle to thread them through your shoe holes.  The tips just make them easier to thread. 

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Floral Unicorn Headband

We have another FREE pattern for you today and we know you're going to love it because we've had a bunch of requests for something like this!  The fabulous Shannon Buckbee has designed the most magical headband ever and today she's ready to teach you how to make some too! 

That's right, they're UNICORN headbands!  With flowers!  Could they get any more fun than that?  I know Shannon whipped up a zillion of these for her daughter's birthday party last week so I'm sure she could crank them out in her sleep at this point.  

The tutorial includes all you need to know to create these beautiful headbands, including printable pattern pieces.  As you can see, our testers had a blast trying them out! There are even instructions for creating the flowers from scratch if you want -- or you can use pre-made flowers. I love that there are lots of ways to make your unicorn headband totally unique! After all, that's part of what makes a unicorn so magical.

Are you ready to get started?! 

Now it's your turn and we can't wait to see the unicorn headbands you make!  When you're done, please come share them in our patterns group on Facebook so we can all ooh and aah over them too.  

Let's Create! ~ Kristen 

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day {Sale!}

We want to wish all our sewing friends out there a Happy Mother's Day!  

To celebrate, all of our Women patterns are 30% off until 11:59pm EST! 

Prices are already marked down, so you don't need to worry about a code.  Just have fun picking out some patterns to sew for yourself!  (And your mom if you want.)   

We all know you deserve it! 

~ CKC Patterns ~ 

Friday, May 12, 2017

More Info for Doll Lovers!

Every so often we have a favorite blog post that needs updating, and that's exactly what I have for you today!  You may have viewed our "Comparing Dolls for the Perfect Fit" blog post before. It has a handy chart that compares all different brands of dolls, along with their measurements.  This is super helpful for knowing which patterns work best for which dolls.  It also explains how to adapt patterns a bit if needed. And my favorite part is the photos show all the different dolls and critters that can wear CKC -- even bears and monkeys! 

Now that American Girl has released their new Wellie Wishers line and their boy doll, it seemed appropriate for us to update the blog chart to include those measurements as well.  All the same classic photos are there from before -- we just added some new ones!  

So whether you are already familiar with the *old* version of the blog post and chart, or you are coming on for the first time, I think you're going to enjoy taking a look at how all these dolls compare!  Rather than creating a new blog post with the combined info, we wanted to keep that link the same for those who already pinned it. You can also access the updated doll blog post by clicking here: 

And there you have it!  When you get there, be sure to save it for the future, pin it, and share it with your friends.  I know it has come in handy for me many times! 

Let's Create! ~ Kristen