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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Weekly Wound Up

Tomorrow is a big day in my little town. It's a founder's day of sorts, and the festivities start early in the morning with a 5K/10K race and go ALL day long and on into the evening with a late night rodeo and fireworks. I'm pretty excited to be sharing a vendor booth with my sisters at the park where everything takes place, so I've been sewing like crazy all week long to get ready for it. I can't wait to see how it all goes tomorrow!  But first I'll give you a recap of all the happenings at CKC this week. Lots of good stuff going on -- including a big sale you didn't see coming! 

New Releases

We are excited to announce the release of Amy's Knit Bow Dress and Maxi in Girls and Women's sizes! This unique dress has so many options to fall in love with: open or closed back, four sleeve lengths (including sleeveless), two dress lengths, and even pockets. My favorite part is the bow in back! And of course it's super comfy too. Amy's is available in Girls sizes 2T through 14 and Women's XXS-5X.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Should I Pre-Wash My Fabric?

There are some sewing topics that are sure to spur a never-ending debate, even among friends. (Which is perfect, because we're all friends here, right?)  On today's particular issue, I'm not going to tell you what is right or wrong, but we are going to discuss some why's and how's, to help you as you decide what's best for you. And today's question is...

In our patterns group we have people ask quite often, "Do I have to pre-wash my fabric?"  It's a great question and definitely worth a discussion. 

I would say, the answer all depends on what type of fabric you're working with and who you are sewing for. 

Let's break it down a little. 

Type of Fabric

Not all fabrics are created equally. They have different constructions, makeups, and purposes.  For example you definitely don't want to pre-wash a fabric that says "dry clean only"!  I would say the same about tulle and delicate fabrics that should be handled with care. Costume fabrics that are doused in glitter and are only going to be worn once obviously should not be pre-washed. I think you get the idea: If it shouldn't be washed at all, don't pre-wash it. 

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Weekly Wound Up

This week I have been sewing up a whirlwind of clothing for my kiddos. New patterns, old patterns, and everything in between. There's something about the heat outside that makes me want to stay indoors to accomplish stuff in here. Can you relate? If you have the sewing bug too, we have lots of new designs for you to enjoy! 

New Releases

First up is Randy's! Do you have a little hero at your house? With Randy's 4-in-1 set, he/she can be an “everyday hero” any time he/she wants! All four sets are included in Randy’s: Fire, Doctor, Military, and Police. Each uniform has its own details but they begin with the same pieces, allowing you to make many sets without having to reprint. With Randy’s, your little guy/girl can be an everyday hero… every day! Be sure to watch the little music video we put together for Randy's too -- it's amazing! Click the link above and then the "videos" tab. 

And what could finish them off better than our Everyday Heroes Badge embroidery design set?! They are the perfect accents for costumes and dress up play. The badge designs come in varying sizes and the applique designs include specially sized SVG cut files.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Pokemon Go! Costume Contest

Are you in on the "Pokemon Go" craze?!  I'm not talking about the card game (which we love) or the TV show (which my kids still watch).  No, this is about the new Pokemon Go game app that has gone viral. I love that it gets people out of the house and moving and having a good time!  And while our friend/spouses/kids/selves are doing that, how about we also turn it into a fun sewing contest?

  Yes!  Our contest has two categories: Pokemon Costumes and Pokemon Outfits. Here are the rules!


1. Make it:

Use at least one CKC sewing pattern to create a character costume related to Pokemon. It can be a trainer, a pokemon, or whatever you want!


Use at least one CKC sewing pattern and Pokemon fabric to make a super cute outfit for your kiddo. A dress, skirt, shorts, jacket, anything.  If we can tell it's inspired by Pokemon then it qualifies!

2. Photograph it: Take a photo of your kiddo or yourself wearing the outfit. Creativity counts.

3. Send it:  Email your photo to us, and be sure to tell us which CKC pattern(s) you used and the name of your character if applicable. Here's the address to use: Entries must be received by August 1, 2016 at 11:59 pm est.

4: (Optional) Share it: Show off your creation in our patterns group and anywhere else you please!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

"Everyday Heroes" Badges - Free Cut Files!

Have you had a chance to look closely at our new Everyday Heroes patterns? They're pretty awesome!  Randy's is a 4-in-1 uniform sewing pattern and then we also have an embroidery file Badge Set available for purchase. They go perfectly together!  And for those of you who prefer to use vinyl, we have a special treat for you on the blog today - free cut files for the badges!

Isn't that fabulous?!  We hope you love them as the perfect finishing touch on your projects. You can download them right here, right now, and get cutting today!  We have both formats available:

And in case you haven't had a chance to check out Randy's 4-in-1 pattern, here's a fun music video you're sure to enjoy!

Amazing right?!  We hope your kiddos enjoy these uniforms as much as mine do. Why not be an everyday hero... every day?

Let's Create! ~ Kristen

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Weekly Wound Up

Our 4th of July was loaded with fun; how about yours? It looks like you all had a great time, because we had a bunch of amazing entries in our patriotic CKC contest. I will show you the winners in just a bit!  We also have some exciting new patterns this week, a sew-along coming up on Monday, a brand new round of CKC Fabrics available, and more!  Let's get to it! 

New Releases

First up this week, we have Georgia's!  This is the perfect crop, top, or dress to add to your wardrobe. It features a mini corset that can tie in front or back, sleeves that can be worn on or off the shoulder, and a variety of lengths. Georgia is casual enough for daily use, but is also the perfect foundation for pageant theme-wear and outfit-of-choice.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Keepsake Pillow from a Favorite Shirt

The kids are home for the summer and that means they're hanging around and "helping" me with projects more often. I'm sure you know the routine.  Well one of my kiddos somehow dug out one of his favorite shirts from a couple years ago, which I had stored in a safe place because it's one of my favorites too.  He was super excited to see it but then there wasn't much else to do with it -- so it gave me an idea!  

Fun, right?  The cool pocket was already part of the shirt, but now you can see why it's one of our favorites. I might even have to design a zipper shirt one of these days -- wouldn't that be awesome?!

But for today's tutorial, I will show you how I made the pillow itself. It's super easy with just a few tips! 

First, find the shirt you want to use. That's probably the easy part. 

(I might have to do this with some of my kiddo's first CKC items I designed. How fun would those pillows be on display in my sewing area?!)

Ahh I just love that pocket! 

Make sure the shirt is clean. I also ironed mine -- it's not perfect but it's much better than before.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Weekly Wound Up

Happy Birthday to CKC!  Would you believe that Create Kids Couture has now been in business for FIVE years?!  That's pretty awesome!  We grew from two owners (Tiffany and Shannon) in 2011, into a design team of over twenty! And we are so thankful to you, our fans and customers, who make all of this possible.  To celebrate, we have a big sale going on, plus we extended right on into the 4th of July sale. More details on that in a bit, but first let's take a look at some of the happenings at CKC earlier in the week:

New Releases

You will do a double take with Nina’s Reversible Scalloped Dress and Top! It's like having two dresses in one! Nina’s features a beautiful fitted bodice with a scalloped neckline. The scalloped edges on the back bodice and the skirt add that little bit of whimsy along with the unique criss-crossed straps. Nina’s charm will allow you to create that beautiful one of a kind outfit you want to create.  Nina's comes in Dolls, Babies, and Girls!

Next up is Milyanna’s Ruffled Chiffon skirt!  It has three layers of  chiffon which make it full and delightfully twirly.  It's dressy enough for special occasions, while still comfortable and durable for family celebrations, tea parties, dancing, and birthday parties. Pair Milyanna's with ballet flats or cowgirl boots, and this gorgeous skirt is sure to become one of her favorites!

Thursday, June 30, 2016

3-Piece Set Upcycled from a Onesie

Awhile back one of our sewing friends in the CKC patterns group, Mary Lockhart Shoemaker, shared a clever upcycle she does to turn a baby onesie into a 3-piece dress set. Check these out:

Aren't they gorgeous?!  The post was so popular that we've had multiple requests since then for a tutorial. Mary has been kind enough to let me go for it and share with you!  I got to make my first set today and I have to say, that not only did it turn out super cute but it was also really fun to make!

This tutorial will work for any size of onesie. Whatever size you choose is what the finished dress size will be. (That may seem obvious, but some upcycles end up shrinking sizes. This one stays true to size.)  I used a size 3-6m onesie for my tutorial steps. 

For supplies you will need a onesie, some fabric, and 1/4" wide elastic.  If you're using knit fabric, that's all you need. If you're using woven fabric for the skirt, you will also need 1/4" clear elastic to use on the skirt seam.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Weekly Wound Up

A couple days ago I went on a quick business trip with my husband and while there I was able to meet up with an online sewing friend I "met" through CKC. (Hi, Anna!) She's a tester so her kiddo was really familiar to me, but we had never met -- and can I just say how much FUN it was to just sit and chat about CKC?! I love the little community we have with friends all over the place; all over the world, in fact! We just jumped right into a convo about our love of sewing and all things CKC. It's pretty awesome. Wherever you may be reading this, I hope you feel the community too! And if not yet, please stick around. We have lots of great things ahead!

New Releases

Speaking of which, we have a bunch of new releases for you this week!  Seven to be exact. Here goes: 

Starla’s Stunning Top, Dress, and Maxi is a versatile pattern with three lengths. The beautiful lined bodice features ruffles and custom bias trim and ties that can be halter style or crossed in the back. The accessory ruffle belt is a creative addition that discreetly stays in place with unique thread belt loops (video tutorial included!). The top length can be finished with a simple trim or bias to match the bodice, and the dress and maxi lengths have a charming ruffle. Starla's comes in Baby and Girl sizes.