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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Weekly Wound Up

This is the week when I should be saying, "Yay, it's Autumn now and I love Autumn!"  Well, that's how my week started, but right now there's a wind storm raging outside and it hasn't stopped raining for days.  So if you happen to be enjoying some warm/cool Fall weather this weekend, will you send some my way, please?  At least everything is in control indoors, though! We have lots of great new styles for you to sew up, plus some big announcements if you want to be a part of the CKC scene! Let's take a look.

New Releases

 Zarriah's all knit pattern has the versatility to meet all your needs. Zarriah's brings both a top and a dress option to the table! As a dress, you can choose the full, flirty underskirt, or the sleek, classic, professional look with the slim fit version. We also adore the subtle, feminine details in this bodice. Look at the pretty ruffles and bow!

This week we also released two pageant wear designs. Katherine's is a double princess seam illusion sweetheart neckline with corset back. It includes full instructions for creating your own corset or installing a pre-made corset kit. Stunning!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Nirvana's Knee Pads

If you have an active girl in need of knee pads (dance, volleyball, etc.) and boring ones won't do, you're going to LOVE today's free upcycle pattern!  It comes to us from Tosha, our fabulous dance wear pattern designer, so you know it's going to be fantastic! Introducing... Nirvana's Knee Pads!

Aren't they cute? You can customize them to any style you want, using a pair of old (or new) knee pads and some leftover dance wear fabric. My daughter will absolutely flip when she sees these!  

 Nirvana's will give you a fabulous fit and just as much function as boring regular, knee pads. All you're really changing on them is the cuteness factor! 

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Weekly Wound Up

My house is filled with the scent of pears. Mmmm, I've been canning them all day and they smell delish! I love that it's this time of year again. Around here at least, it's about time to bring out the sweaters and begin layering all our cute CKC outfits on the kiddos. We have some great new patterns this week that work well for Fall, as well as some helpful how-to's for your sewing room, and of course a big SALE!  Let's take a look...

New Releases

Whether you're looking for a simple a-line knit t-shirt or a fancy lace overlay dress, Taryn’s Timeless T-shirt, Tunic and Dress is just what you want! It has a classic A-Line shape that will be a staple in your knit pattern collection. You will be able to create a wide variety of looks that include several show stopping options: a rounded knit collar, rectangular knit collar, classic t-shirt neckband, lace overlay, fitted or gathered sleeves in short, 3/4 or long sleeve lengths, and classic hem, ruffle, or trim finishes. Wow, so many different looks in one pattern!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

How to Clean Your Iron

One of my most used and under-appreciated sewing tools is my iron. I use it pretty much every day on my projects (not necessarily my own clothes, ha.), and having a great iron makes all the difference! The more steam the better, in my opinion.  My husband spoiled me with a Rowenta Steamforce for Christmas one year and it is a dream to work with. So much steam!  I have noticed, however, that when I'm not taking good care of it (aka when I accidentally iron the wrong side of interfacing and then don't bother to clean it or empty it), my iron can get a little grungy.  Not only that, but the holes occasionally leave spots on the projects I'm ironing. Not good.  So I decided it was time for a little iron housekeeping and today I'm going to teach you some great techniques for cleaning your iron, both inside and out! 

First, I want to say that you might have seen a variety of "cheats" out there for easier ways to clean your iron.  We have put several of them to the test and quite honestly, they weren't easier and they didn't even work. #majorfail  If you want to see some of those non-working-cheater-methods in action, you can check out our tested-and-failed video on YouTube. It's kind of funny. But don't get distracted by that quite yet. First I'm going to teach you the techniques that DO work!  And they're not difficult at all, so I'm not sure why people are trying to make a cheater method. That's discussion for another day -- let's get started cleaning that iron! 

First of all, take out your iron and do NOT plug it in yet. We are going to be doing the first cleaning steps with a cool iron.  

Baking soda will be our first step. Take out a container and put 1 part of water for every 2 parts of baking soda.  For my iron I used 2 teaspoons of baking soda and 1 teaspoon of water. 

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Weekly Wound Up

Wow, did your week fly by as fast as mine did?  The holiday on Monday jumped us right ahead and here we are! We have a lot of new stuff to share with you from CKC this week, from new dying techniques to a bunch of dance wear releases, and even a fabric giveaway. 

New Releases

Our first new pattern this week is an adorable one, for sizes 2 to 14! Della's Drop Waist Dress and Tunic is a year-round pattern with endless possibilities to create your perfect look.. This pattern features 4 bodice options: solid, plain panel, pleated panel, and lace panel. Della's comes in tunic or dress length, and with four sleeve options (sleeveless, cap, short and long) you can never go wrong. You will be sure to love the embellishment options including piping, ric rac, and lace. And for even more fun there are optional button tab accents and a Peter Pan collar option. Mix and match the options in Della's to create over 500 different styles, all from one pattern! 

Thursday, September 8, 2016

How to Ice Dye Fabric

Hey everyone! Have you ever wanted to learn how to ice dye? If you just said no, then why not? Ice dying is amazing and fun and we have a free tutorial for you so you can learn how! Seriously, you can turn a fabric you love that is mostly white into something even more fantastic! And we all know how white attracts stains so maybe you can even salvage your favorite white clothing items.

 Hopefully this intrigues you and you have to try it because it is so fun and easy and addicting! You can even use the same color combinations and the fabric will turn out different every time. You can also change the amount of dye that you use to make it less or more colorful.

Today we're going to teach you the steps for ice dying, share a fun time lapse video we made, and then we even have a giveaway for you! Does it get any better than that?  First, the tutorial: 

Supplies you will need:

Fabric to dye, soda ash, fiber reactive Procion dyes (I use tulip brand found at Walmart and Dharma dyes) gloves, ice, a bucket to use to soak in the soda ash, a tote and a small rack or screen with a stand. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Adding Bodice Trim and Bow to Della's Drop Waist Dress

Did you see Della's Dropwaist Dress that released today?  It's adorable!  It includes a lot of sweet features that are fabulous on their own. Sometimes it's fun to play around with added embellishments too, and one of our testers came up with a fun addition to Della's! 

 Isn't that cute?! Megan Wachowski agreed to teach us her techniques here, for adding a bodice trim and bow to Della's dress.  Here she is!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Hundred Acre Wood

Today we have a SUPER fun photo shoot to share with you, and I'm sure this one needs no introduction. The theme here is pretty obvious, no?  

It's the cutest little Hundred Acre Wood I've ever seen!  These outfits were put together by our fabulous Stephanie Baker, and photography credit goes to Lucky One Photography.  And of course the adorable little outfits were all made using CKC patterns.  I will tell you which styles in a minute, but first you can simply sit back and enjoy the cuteness:

The boy where it all starts, Christopher Robin. 

Pooh Bear, of course. Formally known and Winnie-the-Pooh.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Weekly Wound Up

It's a three day weekend for many of us and my family's big plans are... to have no plans!  That's my goal. We want a nice, calm weekend of relaxing with the kiddos. I'm sure there will be some outdoor play and board games involved. We started it off with a Friday night movie at home, which turned into me being passed out on the couch. My dear husband was nice enough to put the kids to bed, but now here I am at 3 am sending out our newsletter.  I suppose you didn't need to know all that, but there it is. I hope you have big exciting plans for the weekend, or no plans at all like us; whichever you prefer.  Let's take a look at everything new going on at CKC! 

New Releases

We started off the week with two brand new baby patterns! First is Baby Halle's Hi-Low romper. It is designed for woven fabric and features a unique hi-low circle skirt over a romper. The crotch has snaps for easy diaper changes. Also, we have Baby Sarah's! It is a knit romper with double ruffle chest and legs, and it comes in capri and pants lengths. Sarah's is so comfy and easy to whip up in no time! It is easy on and off as well.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Varsity Letter for a Letterman Jacket

Did you see our new pattern for Brock's Letterman Jacket? It's one of my favorite patterns ever!  It could be that I come from a big sports family, but I just can't get over this cuteness. 

Amazing right?!  The J is for "Josh" and his favorite color is blue. He could not be any more proud of this thing!  

Your little one is going to love having their own letterman jacket too, whether you design it after a favorite sports team, a school, or even just his/her favorite color. You can't go wrong! And don't forget about the most important part -- the varsity letter.  Today I'm going to teach you how to make the varsity letter to put on Brock's. It's super easy! 

8" square of leather, faux leather, deco vinyl, or similar fabric. (Check the remnants bin!)
8" square of wool or similar thick fabric. (Solid colors work best.)
Fray check to seal the edges
Thread, sewing machine, etc.
Printed letter to use as template (see below)

First of all, print and cut out the letter you want. I googled "letter J" and found one that looked like a fun team letter. There are a zillion different fonts out there for you to choose from.  Resize the letter to the size you want -- I made this one 5" tall and it came out perfectly for my size 5 kiddo.