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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

New Pattern Sizes at CKC!

Today we have a BIG announcement to make!

  We have decided to change our sizing options for new patterns from now on. We are super excited about this change and we think you will love what it entails!  

Our baby sizes will remain the same, at Newborn to 18-24 months.  Our Girls and Boys patterns will now run from size 2T to size 14.   Our Women and Men patterns will run from XXS up to 5X, all in one pattern!  

Please note that previously released patterns will keep their original sizing and you can still buy them as they were originally released.  There may also be a few "upsizes" in the near future to fill in some of the gaps on those older patterns.  But for all ~new~ designs we create from now on we will be using the new sizing options.  Here is what they look like:  

Make Your Own Custom Bias Tape ~ with Video!

Did you see Polly's Pretty Pocket Dress that released today?!  It's absolutely adorable!  There are so many cute features on it and one of my favorites is the bias detail and bias ties.  If you haven't used bias tape on a sewing project before, you will love the easy instructions in the pattern. Not only that, but you can even make your own custom bias tape to match your outfit perfectly!  

Don't you think the custom floral bias gives the perfect finishing touch to her dress? You definitely aren't limited to the bias tapes you find in stores. You can create the perfect bias detail with any fabric!  

When making your own bias tape, you can do it in small amounts for minor projects like we taught in a previous blog post.  But for projects that require longer bias tape like Polly's dress, you can actually make one loooong strip all at once.  It's a really cool trick and not difficult at all!  Emily is here to show you how it's done:

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Patriotic Flag Pillows

Memorial Day is a big deal in my community (and hopefully yours too) and I love to decorate for the occasion. Many of the families here have been around for generations and we have a lot of veterans to honor. We go around to visit the cemeteries decorated with flags, and I like to make it meaningful for my kids as well.  I thought it would be fun to whip up some flag pillows for our house for Memorial Day, and of course these will be perfect for the 4th of July and other occasions too! 

Aren't they fun?!  You can use solid fabrics or prints, and this is even great as a scrapbuster after making those cute patriotic outfits for your kids. The more you mix up the prints, the more whimsical they will look. I think it would even be cute to sew the seams inside out and make it a rag pillow. I will have to try that on my next one! 

With today's free pattern you will learn how to make both the traditional rectangle shape and the heart shape pillow.  The steps aren't hard at all and we have saved you the headache of all that measuring. You can just cut and sew!  

For this project, you will need 1/2 yard blue fabric, 1/3 yard red fabric, 1/3 yard white fabric, and some kind of stuffing to fill the pillow.  When choosing fabrics, don't be afraid to mix up the prints, keeping the base colors red, white, and blue. 

The traditional and heart shaped pillows both start with the same base cuts and construction. Here is what you need to cut:

Blue Fabric:    (Cut 1) 13" x 16" 
                          (Cut 1) 7.75" x 7.75"

Red Fabric:    (Cut 2) 2.5" x 9"
                         (Cut 2) 2.5" x 16" 

White Fabric: (Cut 2) 2.5" x 9"
                          (Cut 1) 2.5" x 16" 

When you are done cutting your pieces, your pile should look something like the photo above.

Now you're ready to sew!  We will be using a 3/8" seam allowance for all steps. 

Take your four smaller strips and place them in the order above, starting with red at the top. 

Take the top two strips and match them with right sides together, lining up the bottom of the red strip with the top of the white strip.  Sew them together along that edge using a 3/8" seam allowance. 

Open them up with the red again at the top. Topstitch the seam toward the white strip by sewing 1/8" below the seam. 

Now take the third strip and match its top with the bottom of the white, with right sides together. Sew them together along that edge, as shown in red above. 

Open them up and topstitch the seam downward again. This time the topstitching will be on the red piece. 

Take the fourth piece and do the same, sewing it to the bottom of the third and then topstitching downward. 

Your four short strips should now look something like this. 

Take the smaller blue square and match it up with the left side of your sewn strips, with right sides together. Check to make sure you still have a red strip at the top and a white strip at the bottom! Sew the pieces together along the side edge, as shown in red above. 

Open it up and topstitch the seam toward the strips by sewing 1/8" from the seam. 

Set this part aside for now. 

Take the three longer strips now and arrange them with the red on top and bottom, with white in the middle. 

Sew the three long strips together as you did the short ones earlier. Be sure to topstitch each seam downward. 

Now you're ready to put the top part together with the long strips.  Lay them out as shown above. 

Match up the corresponding edges with right sides together, as shown above. You may want to pin the edges together in this step.  Sew the pieces together using a 3/8" seam allowance.

Flip it open and topstitch the new seam downward.  You should now have a great-looking flag front pieced together! 

**If you are making the rectangle pillow, you can skip past the next two photos.  If you are making the heart shaped pillow, please continue below.**

To make the heart shaped pillow, you will need to print the heart template. 
Tape the printed pieces together by overlapping the page lines, and then cut out the paper heart.  

Lay the template on the fabric and use either a rotary cutter and mat, or scissors and pins, to cut around the template. 

When you are done cutting, your front pillow should now look like this. 

Use the template to cut a heart out of your remaining large blue rectangle too, creating the back of the pillow. 

**Both versions will now continue on with the same steps.**

Take the large blue back piece and lay it on the front with right sides together. Pin in place all around the edges. 

Sew around all the sides of the pillow using a 3/8" seam, being sure to leave a 4" opening at the place shown in red above. 

After sewing, clip the corners and points close to the stitching to reduce bulk. On the heart pillow, clip the seam allowances all around the curves. If you need extra help knowing how to clip corners and curves, you can see this blog post

Using the opening, turn the pillow right side out. Use a creaser tool and iron to make all the edges and corners nice and crisp.  In the area of the opening, iron the seam allowances under so no raw edges are out. It should be looking pretty fabulous at this point!  

Fill your pillow with the stuffing.  It helps to add small amounts to the corners first and then work toward the center. On the bottom edge, be sure to fill the pillow enough and then use pins or fabric clips to hold the opening shut. 

Sew the opening shut along the bottom. You can either sew by hand or you can use your machine to sew 1/8" from the edge. Keep it a tidy stitch so it doesn't throw off the final look of your pillow!  

And that's it!  Your pillow is done!  I absolutely LOVE how these turned out. And quite honestly, the photos don't do them justice. I can't wait until you see how fun they are in person. My kids can't keep their hands off them and I think the flag pillows might have become a permanent part of our living room decor. 

You could make these as super fun and cozy outdoor pillows too, if you make them with weatherproof fabrics. Doesn't this look perfect for a bonfire?! 

When you get your pillows made, please come share photos with us in our FB patterns group!  Also, be sure to sign up for our newsletter so you can see all of our upcoming free projects and sewing tutorials. Happy Memorial Day Weekend coming up! 

Let's Create! ~ Kristen 

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Weekly Wound Up

It's been another great week at CKC and we have quite a bit to show you today! A bunch of new releases, a couple great free projects for teacher gifts, and a little surprise involving International Quilt Market!  And yes, we have our special weekend sale patterns to announce too. Let's get to it! 

New Releases

First of all, we have several new summer embroidery designs! These will really set off your projects with Pineapples, Flamingos, a Star Firework, and a fun "I'd Rather be Wearing CKC" applique. The pineapple features a fun cut-out style. There are two flamingos: an applique with a satin stitch and bean stitch finish and a cross stitch flamingo. All the applique designs include specifically sizes SVG files too!

We also have three brand new baby patterns! First is Baby Justice’s Knit Dress and Top. This simple and classic design comes in top and sundress length and was designed for knit fabrics. Next is Baby Emily’s Angel Sleeve Dress. This gorgeous, flowy dress comes in baby doll, standard, and maxi lengths. Last is Baby Eleanor’s Pintuck dress and top. This pattern features two sleeve lengths and two back options: zipper or keyhole. Aren't all three of these baby designs so precious?!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Teacher Cut File for Tote

The school year is coming to a close for many of us, and that means it's time to show some appreciation to those hard-working teachers!  We've had several fun gift ideas for you, such as our piping pillow and our big bow clutch, and now today we have one that is tailored specifically for teachers -- it even says it right on it!

Isn't it cute?!  You can use our free Teacher Cut File on all sorts of projects, such as shirts, decor, and of course a tote bag just like this one.  In fact we also have a free pattern for our reversible tote bag that you can use too!  

With these two free patterns you are all set to make the perfect teacher gifts.  Here are the links for the cut files:

If you have any questions or comments, or just want to show off your cute new teacher gifts, be sure to come post in our patterns group on Facebook. You can tag Nikki Tyson if you want -- she's the one who designed the awesome cut files and she's the expert. We can't wait to see what you make!

Let's Create! ~ Kristen 

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Big & Bold Bow Clutch

Are you ready for a new FREE pattern?!  This one is great for teacher gifts, boutique items, or even just to have for yourself! They're so easy to do that you can make lots of different styles to match your mood.  I had a lot of fun designing it, and this little project made its debut at our CKC Party in Utah yesterday!

So fun!  If you didn't get a chance to watch the tutorial on Periscope yesterday, no worries!  We put the video on YouTube (embedded below) ~and~ we have the free PDF pattern for you to download, if you prefer to read the steps and look at photos as you go.

I LOVE how much stuff I can fit in this clutch. It's not bulky enough to be a full-fledged purse, but it definitely holds the essentials easily. Much better than the stuff-everything-in-my-jeans-pockets that I normally do! 

In fact for our little sewing activity last night, I loaded the "foxes" clutch up with my scissors, rotary cutter, pins, clippers, creaser tool, and snaps tool!  Tons of stuff! It can be used for all sorts of carrying-around.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Weekly Wound Up

The end of school is quickly coming up on us and that means we're getting closer to summer every day!  This week we have some really great new patterns that have summer written all over them. I think you'll love them as much as we do, so be sure to check them out!  

New Releases

 On Monday, we released Unity's Lace Overlay Knit Shorts in babies, girls, tweens, and women sizes! These adorable shorts have a fun and simple design that will be perfect for any spring or summer outfit. Best of all, they are a breeze to make! The comfort of knit on the inside layer and stylish lace overlay with a fun trim make these shorts stand out in your little one’s wardrobe. Make sure you snatch this pattern up in all the sizes!

We also have some new pageant-wear patterns! Are you looking for a showstopper gown that will add a pop of color? Do you want a custom look without a custom price? Look no further, Gracelynn and Krystle are the releases you have been begging for! They are the perfect pattern duo, with easy to follow instructions so you can create your own masterpiece!

And because everyone loves a good prize, we are also giving you a free bonus pattern that's perfect for your pageant girls! Be sure to download Morgan's makeup cape for FREE! 

Thursday, May 12, 2016

How to Upcycle a Store-bought Tee

There are lots of ways to upcycle a store-bought tee, and lots of different reasons why you would want to do it.  For today's tutorial I'm going to show how to take a tee that is too large for a child and make it into a hoodie that is just the right size for him/her. Fun! The same process works with any other top pattern you want to use. 

My tween son was excited when he saw this Minecraft shirt at the store but they didn't have it in his size. We bought the largest size available instead, with the promise that I could turn it into a Toby's hoodie for him. We took this t-shirt from an adult Medium size to a tween 11/12.  You could do the same thing with child sizes too. 

Before doing any cutting, you will want to lay the shirt out on a flat surface to make sure it is large enough for your project. 

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Weekly Wound Up

Every year I start feeling giddy right about now. The kids are counting down toward the end of school (and let's face it, so am I!) and it's also my daughter's birthday, our anniversary, Mother's Day, and I even love Memorial Day. It's also time to start planting gardens in my neck of the woods. Plus add on all the kids' field trips, track meets, recitals, and school projects. Whew!  So I'm not sure whether I'm excited that it's here or excited that it might all calm down soon. Either way, a new month also brings in new pattern releases, new monthly mixup bundles, and new cute clothes to sew for our kids. So now I think we should take a look at what's new at CKC this month!

New Releases

 Our first new release of the week is Henry's Retro Sun Romper. I absolutely adore this pattern! Henry’s is fully lined and has two bib styles that give two different looks. The rounded bib gives a classic, retro look for the tinies, while the squared bib looks more grown-up and modern for the bigger boys. Both versions have a roomy diaper-cover style bottom with fully enclosed elastic at the legs and optional snap crotch. And don’t forget our favorite feature of Henry’s - those straps that cross in back and fasten onto a pair of adorable buttons! They are super cute, adjustable for fit, and easy to achieve. Your baby boy will be as happy as a clam in his comfy retro sun romper.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Lovely Lace Arm Cuffs

Did you see Evangeline's ball gown pattern that released today?  It's AMAZING!  I love all the details on it and I can't wait to see what everyone makes with Shannon B's gorgeous design! 

Her "vampire queen" take on it is stunning! I love those lace arm cuffs. Aren't they the perfect finishing touch? Today Shannon B. is sharing her tutorial with all of us, right here on the blog where you can download the free PDF. Awesome!  

This version is so pretty too! The Lovely Lace Arm Cuffs can be a dainty addition to any sort of dress up you're making for your little one.