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Friday, December 6, 2019

12 Days of Christmas πŸŽ„2019πŸŽ„ DIY Bow Scrunchie

🎢On the 7th Day of Christmas CKC gave to me🎢
A DIY tutorial for a Bow Scrunchie!

Thank you to Lynndi for this awesome tutorial!  Every girl is going to need a bow scrunchie in her stocking this year.


Bow-Scrunchie Tutorial

First, cut two rectangles of fabric that measure 4" x 18" and 4” x 10”. It can be knit or woven fabric.  (Scrunchies are great for using scraps!) Then, cut a piece of 1/4" wide elastic that is 6" long. If you would like to use your favorite hair elastic, then use this scrunchie tutorial for instructions. 

Fold the fabric in half lengthwise, with right sides together.  

Sew or serge along the long edges using a 3/8" seam allowance, as shown above. 

Now you're ready to turn the fabric right side out.  To do so, insert a safety pin into the seam allowance on one end.  Place it back away from the edges a bit so it won't tear through. It should look something like the photo.

Turn the safety pin and insert it into its own side of the scrunchie. Push the safety pin through the tube, bunching up the fabric as needed.  It will eventually come out the other end, as shown. Gently pull the safety pin out and use it to guide the rest of the scrunchie through, until it is all right side out. 

Take the safety pin off the fabric and put it in one end of the elastic now. Thread the safety pin through the tube, being sure to hold onto the end of the elastic so it doesn't get lost inside.

When it comes out the other end, you should have both ends of the elastic, with the fabric scrunched up between them, as shown above.

Overlap the elastic ends by about 1/2" and use a straight pin to hold them together. 

Take it to your sewing machine and sew back and forth across the overlapped elastic to secure the ends to each other.

On each raw end of the scrunchie, turn the edges 1/4" to the inside and create a fold using your fingers, all the way around both loops.  This will hide the raw edges.  See photo.

Take one of the ends and insert it into the hole of the other end. Make sure both sides stay folded in, with no raw edges showing.  See photo above.  Pin in place.

Now you have two options for sewing the scrunchie shut: 
Option 1:  Take it to your sewing machine and sew a straight line across the overlapped folds. This does create a "flat" line there but it isn't very noticeable and is a much quicker method. (This is how I did it in the photo.) 

~ OR ~

Option 2: Use a needle and thread to sew the layers together where they overlap, around the loop.  This is more tedious and takes longer, but it does eliminate the flat line, if you care about that.  (I have done this for a satin one that was more "dainty" and I didn't want a line.) 

If you have never used a needle and thread by hand before, this blog post (click here) may be helpful. 
After you have sewn the folds together, you are done with the scrunchie…now we will attatch the bow part. 

Take your 4”x10” rectangle and fold it length-wise.

Now fold it width-wise as shown. Make sure there is a folded edge along the bottom edge and the right edge. Take your pattern piece and cut along the pattern piece.

Your fabric should look like this when you finish.

Fold right sides together as shown and sew along the red line pausing in the middle to leave a 1” opening to turn your bow right side out. 

Turn your bow right side out and make sure to use a tool like a pencil to create nice points for your bow. Fold the opening in the middle of the bow ¼” and press. Sew 1/8” from the folded edge as shown.

Press the bow with the seam going down the middle of the bow as shown.

Now you are ready to tie the bow onto the scrunchie. Find the place on the scrunchie where you sewed it closed and tie a simple knot over this place.

 Make sure each end of the bow is even on both side and secure the knot with a few hand stitches in the middle of the knot. This last step is optional. 

Way to go! You know have a super cute bow scrunchie!!
Now you can make one every friend and family member this Christmas!  

We can't wait to see the bow scrunchies you make with our tutorial. Please share your finished photos in our patterns group on Facebook!  We'd love to hear which method you like better and see your cute photos.  And of course we're happy to answer any questions you might have. 

Thank you so much Lynndi!  Stay tuned for more freebies during our 12 Days of Christmas!

SEW Inspired,


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