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Thursday, December 5, 2019

12 Days of Christmas 🎄2019🎄DIY Pot Holder & Towel Set

🎶On the 6th Day of Christmas CKC gave to me🎶
An amazing dish towel and pot holder set tutorial!

Need a quick holiday gift for under $5? This project will be fun, fast project for your DIY Christmas gifts this year. Our amazing tester, Deanna, has all the details for you today:


  • Dish towel (any type)
  • Pot holder, center loop only
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Buttons
This cute gift idea can be done on your sewing machine or seen by hand. I will go over 3 methods for this project. You can get your potholders and towels anywhere but i went to the dollar store and got a 2 pack of potholder for $1 and each towel was $1. That means that 1 completed gift cost me $1.50 in materials!! That’s a steal!!!!


Step 1: Lay out your materials and decide which pot holder and towels are going together.

Step 2: If using flour sack towels or thing towels press the pre-folded creases out.
Lay the towel on the ironing board and using the pot holder as the guide fold the towel so it fits the width of the pot holder.

Step 3: Press the towel at the middle spot by folding it in half so the edges meet. Do the same for the pot holder (be careful not to burn either item). Lay the pot holder on top of the towel at the crease. The pot holder crease and towel crease should match up. Pin the pot holder to the towel.
**note: make for sure the loop of the pot holder is going towards the back back of the towel. You want the button to show on the front side when hanging**

Step 4: Sew the center line.

Step 5: Add button to the top of the potholder.
And you are done!!!!!
If you would like to see 2 other ways please continue below.

Gathered Method:

Step 1: Remove creases from towel. Fold towel in half to create a center crease. Press. On your sewing machine, baste using the longest stitch length. Gather the towel to match the width of the potholder.

Step 2: Pin the potholder and then sew the potholder to the towel on your sewing machine.

Step 3: Add button and your done!!!

Hand Sewing Method:

This will take a little bit more time but if you do not have a sewing machine and you want to still give a great gift this way will work and is still very worth it.

Step 1: Follow the above steps to make for sure the towel is the same width of the pot holder. Center the potholder on the towel and pin really well. Whip stitch the edges as shown in the picture.
Hand sew down the center line. You can do this however you like to hand sew. I go up and down on each side making for sure to also go back over the last stitch. Shown in picture.

Step 2: Sew on the button and you are done!!!

Aren't they just perfect! Thank you so much to Deanna for sharing this project with us! I can't wait to make my set for teachers.  

We can't wait to see your version!  Come on over to our fabulous community on Facebook and Instagram and share your creations.  

🎁Stay tuned for more projects and freebies coming your way!🎁

~ Sew Inspired,