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Monday, July 3, 2017

Sleeveless Mod for Paxlynn's

Have you seen Paxlynn's Pocket Knit Dress yet?  It's amazing with all its details and comfy cuteness! The pattern is fabulous as written, and today we have a super fun modification to make Paxlynn's sleeveless for the hot summer months!  

Perfection, right?  And seriously, look at those unique pockets! 

Alright, let's get started on the tutorial:

How to Modify Paxlynn’s Pocket Knit Dress to be Sleeveless

Step 1: Lay your back and front bodice pieces, right sides together, and sew along both shoulder seams and down both side seams. Turn your bodice right side out.

Step 2:  Cut two sleeve bands using the chart above.  Be sure the stretch is from side to side. Then, take one of your sleeve bands, fold it in half width-wise, and sew the short raw ends together. Repeat with remaining sleeve band.

Step 3: Now, take your sleeve bands, and fold them in half lengthwise. Your sleeve band should now have a raw edge and a folded edge.

Step 4: We will now take our sleeve band and pin it to the sleeve opening of our bodice, matching up the seam of the sleeve band to the bottom seam of our sleeve opening. The sleeve band is smaller than the sleeve opening on your bodice so you will need to stretch the band slightly to make it fit. Once pinned, sew then flip your sleeve band out.

Step 5: Now topstitch the sleeve band seam all the way around, making sure you are topstitching on the bodice, not on the sleeve band. 

That's it!  You're all set for a fabulous summertime look with Paxlynn's!  Take a look at some of our testers' work too: 

We hope you enjoy this modification as much as we do!  Please come share your photos in our patterns group on Facebook when you're done! 

Let's Create! ~ Kristen


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