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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Pompoms Tutorial + Wreath

Today we have a special treat for you that is perfect for the 4th of July, or all year round in any color combos you choose!  This free tutorial and project comes to us from Jalpa Parker at Craft Angels. She's one of our pattern testers and super creative, as you will soon see! 

Isn't it fabulous!?  I love the colors and the poofiness of the balls, set out even more by the decor sign in the middle. It's so festive and super cute all around!  

Jalpa is going to teach us how to make the pompoms using two different methods.  The first method is done with supplies you probably already have around. All you need is yarn, scissors, and your hands!

First, wrap yarn around your four fingers 150 times. Then tie it from the middle and cut all the loops. Then trim around the pompom to make it a better sphere.  See photos below!

That wasn't too bad, right? That final trimming step really makes a big difference in how it turns out. So professional!

Then the second method we're going to show you is using a pompom maker! First, wrap the yarn around the arm 150 times on each side. Than cut from the middle. Slide the yarn in the middle and tie it off. Open up the whole pompom maker. Trim around the pompom some more if needed, to make it more of a sphere. See photos below. 

Ta-da! That one turned out pretty awesome too. 

Just in case you're curious, here is what the two types of pompoms look like side by side. 

Now simply repeat a bunch of times until you have as many pompoms as you want!  You can also make some smaller pompoms for the inside of the wreath. To do that, simply wrap the yarn around less times than before.  The example below used 150 wraps for the large pompoms and 125 wraps for the small pompoms. 

After you have made enough pompoms to cover your entire wreath, use a hot glue gun to glue them in place where you want them. Note that the photo above used smaller pompoms on the inside of the wreath. You can alternate colors like the photo, or in any other pattern, or even all one color!

When the pompoms are all in place, glue your chosen sign in the center of the wreath. I just love how it completes the look.   

Jalpa found the sign set below at her local dollar store -- they are perfect for smaller wreaths! 

And that's it! You're all set to create your own pompoms for a variety of projects. And of course our favorite use of the day is the pompom wreath that Jalpa made! We can't wait to see what you make with this tutorial, so please come share your photos in our patterns group on Facebook when you're done!

A huge thank you to Jalpa Parker from Craft Angels for sharing this tutorial and super cute project with us today! I can't wait to make one with my daughter.

Let's Create! ~ Kristen 

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