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Monday, July 10, 2017

Fluffy Long Mane's Unicorn Neck Pillow

It's Unicorn Week here at CKC Patterns!  Are you ready for seven days of magical fun?!  We're starting it all off with a fabulous FREE pattern just for you! 

Isn't it awesome?!  Fluffy Long Mane is super cute and super comfy, plus it's lots of fun to make!  Simply gather up your supplies, print the pieces, and follow our easy step-by-step photo instructions below: 

Materials Needed:
½ yard Fleece or Minky
Fleece Scrap for Horn
Vinyl for eyes if using SVG cut file
Hand Sewing Needle and Thread


Begin by cutting out your pattern pieces.  You will need 2 mirrored neck pillow pieces and 2 mirrored horn pieces.

Now, if you are adding the vinyl eyes, go ahead and cut them and iron them in place. You can place the horn just to get an idea of where you’d like the eyes.

Now, we will sew some angled lines on the horn.  I used a fancy stitch on my sewing machine, but any stitch will do.

Next, I used my yarn to create waves of sort, just above the eyes.  You can just hold these in place or use a piece of tape.  Baste in place.

Pin your horn in place so that it overlaps the yarn.  Sew as indicated in red 1/8” from the raw edges.

Now we can begin to place our yarn hair.  Again, we just create loops back and forth.  Once you get to the end you can repeat over and over until you have the amount of hair you are going for.  You can choose to follow this technique and tape the yarn in place.  Or you may find it easier to loop and sew as you go.

Lay your other neck pillow piece over the top, right sides together and pin in place.  Sew as indicated in red, leaving a 4” opening.

Trim the yarn hair outside the seam allowance.

Flip your pillow right sides out.  Use a blunt object to push out all the edges. 

Stuff your pillow.  For a firm pillow, use more stuffing.  For a less firm pillow, use less stuffing.

Fold the opening towards the inside.  Now we will hand stitch the opening using a ladder stitch.  There are plenty of you tube videos if you are not familiar with this technique.

That's it! Your Fluffy Long Horn Neck Pillow is complete!  

A huge thanks to Stephanie and Tiffany A. for putting this free pattern together for us!  We would all LOVE to see your neck pillow when it's complete, so please come share a photo in our patterns group on Facebook.  

And of course -- stay tuned for more unicorn fun coming up tomorrow! We have a whole week of unicorn awesomeness in store for you!  

Let's Create! ~ Kristen  


  1. This is such a great idea! I have to travel a lot for my job and never leave home without my neck pillow. My little girl is always using playing with mine when I’m at home because she doesn’t have one of her own. I’ll have to see if we can make of these and surprise her! Thanks :)

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