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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Open Back Dolman Shirt

It's Nikki here at CKC. I have a fun, creative tutorial on using the new Donna’s Dolman shirt and making it backless!  If you can’t wear a backless shirt, don’t worry. You can just wear a tank under it.  It still makes for a wonderful top.  

I am going to tell you both ways to do it and they both end with similar results. The two options are to either sew the neckband on or to just add a band to the back:  

For either version you will need to start by cutting out the V back shirt and the solid front shirt pieces.

 If you want to do the neckband then you will need to cut the bias tape neck band for the size you are making (listed in the pattern). If not then use the chart below to cut a strip for the band on the back.

Back Band
3” x 8”
3” x 8.5”
3” x 9”
3” x 9.5”
3” x 10”

Now we will follow the pattern instructions for ironing the V opening toward the wrong side of the fabric.  Instead of using the insert we will just stitch along the opening 1/8” from the edge of the fold to hem it.

Now that the V is ready we will be doing things different for the 2 different styles. 

If you are doing the neckband version you will just follow the pattern for sewing the shirt together and attaching the neckband but when you get to the back you will just topstitch the neckband since there is not a back to attach it too.  This option gives you a wider opening than the band option.

If you are using the back band option, continue below since it is different from the pattern. 
We need to create the band for the back. To do this, we will be folding the strip like bias tape.  Take the strip of fabric and fold it in half length-wise, wrong sides together, then iron in place.  Now open it back up and fold the 2 outer edges in to meet the fold line we put in the center. Fold down the center again enclosing the edges in the fabric, iron and pin in place. Stitch 1/8” from the edge along the open edge.

Now we need to lay the back piece out wrong side up.  Measure down 3.5” and pin the band.  I overlapped my band ¾” on each side. Now stitch it in place.

Now that the back is ready we need to hem the front neckline. To do this, we will fold over the front neck line the same as we did the V in the back and stitch it to hem it.

All that is left is to assemble the shirt following the pattern directions and you have an awesome new open back shirt that you can wear without anything under or add a contrasting tank top under it for a new look each time you wear it.
 Now how easy was that!  I can’t wait to see what you all do with this tutorial.  Please be sure to share with us!

 ~ Nikki at Create Kids Couture ~

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