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Thursday, December 4, 2014

4th Day of Christmas: DIY Knot Headband

It's the Fourth Day of Christmas and today our free pattern comes from Leah Gardner, one of our baby pattern designers here at CKC. I'm sure you'll recognize her adorable baby.  Here is Leah with today's tutorial:  

These knot headbands are a favorite of mine.  They’re super easy and fast to make.  They also make perfect ear warmers during the colder months.

To get started first you’ll need some women's colored nylon tights.   The tights have lots of stretch and they won’t fray.  I like to get my tights from Target.  They have tons of colors to choose from, and if you’re lucky sometimes you can get them on clearance! 
For baby sizes newborn – 1 year, I like to use the women's S/M size tights.
For anyone older than 1 year, I like to use the women's M/L size tights.

Now that we have our tights, we’re going to lay them out flat and cut off the legs.  We’ll also cut off the feet or the band at the bottom if you’re using footless tights. 

Take one of the legs and make a loop by crossing the right end over the left end.

Next you’ll take the second leg and make a U on top of the loop you made.  Place the right end of the bottom loop over the U like the picture. 

Then take the left end of the U and curve it under the loop.  

Here’s the trickiest part if you’re using smaller tights.  Reach under the left end that you just placed under the loop.  Grab the right end of the U and pull it through like the picture.  Then grab all four ends and pull evenly.

Now take the two ends and place one on top of the other and pin them together.  One end won’t be as wide as the other.  Just stretch while you’re pinning it.  Repeat with the other side. 

Place one of the pinned sides on top of the other and pin them together.  You can now sew down the pinned ends and flip it right side out.  Wasn’t that a super easy headband to make?!

Isn't Leah fabulous?!  I can't wait to make some of these. We hope you enjoy today's freebie and don't forget to come back tomorrow for another one!

Let's Create! ~ Kristen 


  1. I am super super EXCITED to Tray and make these for my 3 Daughter's and myself..I Just Hope I understand Parts #5 and #6 (a.k.a. Photos numbers 5 and 6 )..Other tan that I think I've got the last part a-okay, but we shall see :-) I think finding this site has benn he very BEST thing that has happened to me this Weekend LOLZ (even though we don't have a Target here in British-Columbia, CANADA)...I'll just have to shop somewhere else that has some groovy colored leotards, y galz haven't got anything other than plain black, brown or white leotards in their drawers atm)..I'll have to start calling/checking around to see what clothing store has some colorful leotards around me...Again a Huge Thanks for posting this Free 'How To make" a Braided Headband Do It Yourself's are Always the BEST when beginner sewing creator's like myself can fully Understand the direction's :-) Amber (Jaxxy D-Stubbs is just a YouTube name)..

  2. This is so easy and lovely! I made myself a bracelet, so you don't even need to make a headband :) I love its simpleness.

  3. I can't wait to try this. Your daughter is beautiful!

  4. This is great and the knot your using is called a Celtic knot, I have made bracelet's out of this using a cord product. Not streaky so I don't think it would work as head band, Love the idea of the use of nylon tights. I will try and send a picture of my bracelet's. Thanks Tracy in Vancouver Canada

  5. These are adorable - but could you give some basic measurements for the pieces you're starting out with? If I don't want to use tights but instead use some leftover really stretchy knit fabric to match a top, just wondering approximately how long & wide to cut the pieces. Thank you!

  6. Your daughter is a little doll!! Her smiling face made my day!!

  7. Can this be done with leggings you are planning on disgarding?

  8. If using fabric, do you have an idea of much to use?

    1. We may never know! Would be nice if she answered.

    2. I wish she would answer too :-(