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Monday, January 20, 2014

January's Fan of the Month

We are doing a Fan of the Month on the blog this year and I'm so excited to share our Fan of the Month for January! 

Isn't this dress adorable? It immediately caught my eye on our CKC sewing group. It's perfect for Valentine's Day! Then I was scrolling down and saw another dress that I absolutely loved. And guess what. They were both made by the same fan! So congratulations to Sarah Frithsen from Owl About You!  We are excited to honor you this month. 

Sarah has two kids: a daughter who is 4 and a little boy who is 10 weeks old. Her daughter is the reason she started her boutique. Sarah has been sewing since before high school and learned on her grandmother's old Singer machine that was in a cabinet table. She recently received a new sewing machine from her mother-in-law at Christmas this year, after she had been eyeing it for over a year. (What a great MIL!) 

Sarah says that her husband is her biggest and best fan. (Listen up, husbands!) He bought her a serger and took her to buy $200 worth of fabric. And as Sarah was finishing up her Valentine's Day stuff he took care of both kids and made dinner so she could finish.  

Love that! 

Sarah says that her favorite CKC pattern is any and all of the patchwork dresses. "There is just something so special and beautiful about the patchwork."  Here are a few more of Sarah's outfits that you must see:

Thanks to Sarah Frithsen for being such a great CKC fan!  Please go show her some love at her boutique, Owl About You. She definitely deserves it.

We love all of our fans and enjoy seeing your creations! Please keep sharing them with us. 

Let's Create! ~ Kristen 

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