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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

How To Tuesday: Cheater's Headband

Today we have a blog post from Morgan, the designer of our Tuesday tutorials. She does such a great job and today you get to hear directly from her.  Here's Morgan:  

 Back in June when I did the free tutorial on adding pin tucks to a bodice,  a lot of you all wanted to know how I made Ayla's headband. So here is my fool proof cheater's headband.

      So here is the reason I call it a cheater's headband. See all those adorable little satin and fabric flowers? Yea those that look like they took forever to make. Turns out I bought those suckers at Hobby Lobby!

     Over in the scrapbooking section of Hobby Lobby you can find a massive section of pre-packaged fabric flowers.  Here is a pic of the pack that I used for this tutorial:

     These, mixed with some of the amazing free fabric flower tutorials that we have provided you with in the past, can make some of the most stunning headbands. 

All you need today is a pack of pre-made flowers, some fold over elastic, felt or fabric scraps, and of course your trusty but sometimes evil hot glue gun.

   To start we are going to glue our desired arrangement to a piece of scrap felt. You can build on this as much as you want. I've added feathers, buttons and all sorts of yummy little things. You can see here that I added an extra tiny rosette flower from one of our free tutorials as well.

Once we  have the arrangement that we are after, we are going to trim away all of the excess felt along the back side.

We will then glue our elastic to the back of the felt. And from here you have two options: 

One, you can simply cover the glued on elastic with a smaller piece of felt. 

Or two, you can cover it by hot gluing one of your boutique tags to it. I've seen it done this way many times and it really gives it that extra touch! And to be honest I cant tell you the amount of  times that I've been asked where I got one of Ayla's headbands. It's so nice to slide it off her head and be able to give credit to the correct crafter.  I've even had moms snap a pic of the tag on the underside with their cell phones so they will remember the name. (Why didn't I think of that years ago?)

 So I hope you all have a blast making quick and easy headbands!  I can't wait to see what you all make!

Happy sewing y'all,

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