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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Printable Thank You's

Did you all have a wonderful Christmas?  My family did and now we're basking in the glow of toys and games and oh-so-many treats. I'm always touched by the generosity of family and friends at this time of year. An after-Christmas tradition I have is to make homemade cards to send out to family who sent us gifts. They never seem to expect it but are happy to know that we were grateful enough to say thanks. Last year I had the kids write their own thank-you's. Aside from taking forever to get them written, it was a really rewarding experience for all of us.  I highly suggest it to all parents out there. And we're even going to make it easy for you! 

We've created this little Thank You note template for you to print out. (Two per page!) You can have your kids fill in the blanks, color the pictures, and then send them to your loved ones. It's that easy! 

And just for the record, I think these would be really cute for adults to send as well. We're all young at heart, right? If any of my adult family members took the time to color and send one my way, I'd be delighted!  You can download our free printable Thank You Template here

Let's Create! ~ Kristen 

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