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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!  At CKC we are so thankful for all of you and we want to spread a little Christmas cheer. We put together a challenge for ourselves this month, where we each created a Christmas themed dress or costume using some of our favorite patterns. Consider it a Christmas card from us to you! Our kids are our inspiration for all of our creations and we have been so excited to share them with you today.  Here are the CKC Kids, all decked out for Christmas:

Model: Natalie
Mother: Tiffany
Pattern: Tori's Bustled Princess Dress
Unique Tradition: Each year I have the kids make a new Christmas tree ornament. On Christmas Eve they also get matching PJ's and a handmade stuffed animal. 

Model: Charlotte
Mother: Shannon
Patterns: Penny's with stripwork ruffle and longer straps, paired with a new pattern and Jenna's Ruffle Pants. 
Unique Tradition: We listen to Christmas music non-stop all the way from Halloween until New Years. We had a Christmas wedding so we love all the holiday music.  

Model:  Kinley
Mother: Kaci
Patterns: Cosette's, Trista's, and Violette's
Unique Tradition: This year we will be on our own for the first time, so we plan to open presents, eat Thai food, and watch the movie Frozen.

Model: Ayla 
Mother: Morgan
Costume: Snowgirl
Pattern: Maisy's with extra shirring and no sash
Unique Tradition: On the first snowfall of every year we make a huge batch of homemade pumpkin muffins. Yum!

Models: Cutie 1 and Cutie 2
Mother: Courtney
Patterns: Lorelei's and Violette's 
Unique Tradition: On the night we put up the tree, we open our first present (PJ's), have hot chocolate, and watch the Grinch. We try to volunteer at least once during the season. 

Models: Jessica, Malachi, and Cassandra
Mother: Nikki
Costumes: Rudolph, Clarice, and Bumble (From Rudolph and the Island of Misfit Toys) 
Patterns: Trista's/Kelsi's, Trista's/Taylor's, and Autumn's/Sammy's
Unique Tradition: We read the true Christmas story in the Bible about the birth of Jesus while drinking homemade hot chocolate and wearing the Christmas PJ's I made. 

Model: Kimberly
Mother: Maria
Patterns: Tori's and Primrose's
Unique Tradition: I like to put special treats in their stockings on December 6, which is St. Nicholas' feast day. And we all go to Midnight Mass on Christmas and sing Christmas carols in church. 

Model: Emilly
Mother: Dawn
Costume: Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas
Patterns: Valerie's, Jenna's, Poppy's
Unique Traditions: We clean out the kids' rooms and donate things in good condition to a family in need. We always adopt an angel from the angel tree even if we can't afford it. I will make them something to give. We allow the girls to open pajamas on Christmas Eve and watch Christmas movies until bedtime. 

Model: Josanna
Mother: Sherrie
Patterns: Poppy's and Opal's
Unique Tradition: We put our tree up on Christmas Eve. It keeps the kids out of it and it's fun for all of us to do together. We also open one present (pajamas) on Christmas Eve.

Model: Nicole
Mother: Kristen
Costume: Christmas Elf
Patterns: Trista's and Tessa's
Unique Tradition: We make eggnog milkshakes when we decorate the tree and then again on Christmas Eve. We have the kids use special hand puppets to act out the Nativity while we read it together. 

 That's all of us! We hope you have been able to finish up your projects so that you can now sit back and fully enjoy the holidays. From our families to yours, we wish you a very Merry Christmas! 

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