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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Ninth Day of Christmas: Scrappy Banner

It's the ninth day of CKC Christmas and today we have a post from Shannon that I've been looking forward to!  I know you'll all enjoy! (I can't get over her first picture.)  Here's Shannon:

  On the ninth day of Christmas, CKC gave to me...
A Scrappy Photo Banner
Pretty Lace Bracelet
 Fox named Felix 
 Crayon Roll for kids
♪   Cozy for my Cup!   
A handy Scrap Catcher,
 Stylish D-Ring Belt,
  Ruffled Camera Strap --
And a Stocking to put my gifts in!  

Sarah's Scrappy Banner
If you haven't noticed it yet, Tiffany and I take A LOT of pictures for Create Kids Couture. We are always looking for ways to make our pictures look fresh and new; one of the easiest ways to do this is with scrappy banners. We're excited to show you one of our favorite things to make for pictures, birthday parties, holiday decorations, curtains, etc. This would be great for so many things including presents for those special people in your life. Don't limit your imagination to photoshoots; this is a versatile item with lots of potential! Oh, and did we mention it's a scrapbuster?!?

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Materials Needed:
  • Approximately 7 fat quarters (more if you would like to make it wider)
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
First, you are going to cut the ribbon that the strips will hang from. With 7 fat quarters, the banner is approx 24 inches wide, we recommend doubling that--48 inches--for the length of the ribbon so you have extra on the sides to hang the banner from. Set aside. 

Now we are going to take a fat quarter and we are going to add a 1/2" snip every 2" along the 18" side as shown below. Repeat with the additional fat quarters.

Step 1: At every snip we are going to tear the fabric down the entire length of the fabric. This will create all of our scraps for the banners. 

Step 2: We are now going to take our ribbon and begin tying one end of our scrappy strips to the ribbon. I chose to do it in a pattern--because I have OCD, lol--but you can just mix them up for a funky look! It would also be cool to mix in some different textures like lace, tulle, and ric rac! Get creative! If you like shorter banners, the scrappy strips can be tied in the middle, it will also be a fuller banner.

Once you have all of the strips tied on, you're done! Easy as that! Here are some more pics from some of our shoots.

Happy Sewing!

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