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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Eighth Day of Christmas: Lace Bracelets

Today's blog post and free pattern comes to us from the fabulous Tiffany herself! Here she goes: 

  On the eighth day of Christmas, CKC gave to me...
Pretty Lace Bracelets
 Fox named Felix 
 Crayon Roll for kids
** Cozy for my Cup! **
A handy Scrap Catcher,
 Stylish D-Ring Belt,
  Ruffled Camera Strap --
And a Stocking to put my gifts in!  

Hi Everyone! We really hope you are enjoying all the fun freebies for our 12 Days of Christmas! We have all been working very hard to get all these fun tutorials out just for you! Today we have our adorable Lace Bracelets tutorial! It's super easy and fast, with so many options to make each one unique!! What's better than that?

There are a few options for this bracelet. There is the normal version shown here:

 Or a gathered version shown here, with an added rosette flower to spice it up!

Supplies list:
  • A variety of lace (The lace needs to have little holes in it to thread your ribbon through, so not all lace will work with this tutorial.) 
  • Fabric glue or Fray Check 
  • 1/8" to 1/4" Ribbon
  • Safety pin
  • Scrap fabric (Optional)

To do this, first you need to measure yourself or the person you are making this bracelet for!  For example, Natalie's wrist is 4.5" around. I cut the lace to her exact wrist measurement. So I used that 4.5" for the normal lace bracelet version - or you can double the measurement for the gathered version ( 9" doubled for Natalie).

You will need a piece of ribbon cut 20" long for a 4.5" wrist so that you can tie it in a cute little bow around her wrist. You may need less or more ribbon, depending on the measurements you get.

Here is what your supplies pile should look like:

Now you will want to take your fabric glue or fray check and use it on the edges of your lace and on the ends of your ribbon so that they don't fray or unravel.

Next, taking your safety pin, attach it to one end of your ribbon.

You can now thread your ribbon through the holes in your lace as shown here:

Continue threading your ribbon through your lace until you get to the end of your lace piece.
Here it's shown UN-gathered:

If you are making the non-gathered version you are finished! Just tie it around your wrist in a bow and you are done!!! If you want to add a rosette flower, continue reading for more tips!

For the gathered version you will pull your lace so that it's bunched together, until it is the same width as your wrist. (I made this tutorial bracelet wider so it would be easier to photograph!)

That's it! There you have a simple and quick lace bracelet!!

You can spice up your bracelet by adding a rosette flower from our Rosette headband tutorial found here Rosette Headband Tutorial. Following those steps you can use just one of the rosettes to get the same look as I have here:

You can even make lace arm bands or even lace ankle bracelets as well!! Just measure them at those places instead!

Lastly, here is one more version I created using a pointed lace and the normal style non-gathered version, but instead it's being worn on her arm and not her wrist:

That's it! This lace tutorial will be perfect to create fast accessories, great gifts, or even party favors!! Have fun and be sure to share your creations with us too! We would love to see them all!

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