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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sweet Sage And Free Carrie's

WOW!! Is it really Thursday? Well, we all here at CKC were so excited to release the Sage's Sailor Shorts, Capris and Pants pattern yesterday! By the looks of the things on our Facebook page you all are pretty excited as well. I can't help but giggle still when I think about what one of the testers said about these... "These shorts are normal in the front, but a party in the back." Ha! Its so true! 

As I started to see the pictures coming in from testers I kept falling more and more in love with these and I cant wait to make my little one a pair. Here are a few of the testers photos that caught my eye tonight as i prepped to blog.

Now onto even more fun news! I know what your thinking....there's more? YES there is more! I think we shocked a few of you, when you asked about this adorable crop top that is pictured with the Sage's. Why, you ask? Well because its a FREE PATTERN! Ye,s we are just that cool here at CKC. 

And while we are enjoying a very short and sweet blog post today. Lets make it even sweeter with a giveaway!! Hop on over to Pinterest and repin THIS PIN for a chance to win a free pattern. But hurry because the winner will be announced on tomorrows weekly blog recap. 

Okay and one more picture of the cute Carrie's Crop top! Because I just adore this photo.  

Alrighty y'all, Happy sewing and dont forget to share those awesome creations with us over on our Facebook fan page.



  1. Hi, is it possible to recieve the crop top in another way? I get an error all the time....:( Thanx!

  2. I get the same message. Would be great to have.