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Friday, May 3, 2013

Who Ya Gonna Call... SCRAPBUSTERS!

Yes I’ve changed the lyrics! But I can’t help it. I’m just so excited for the new ideas that will be coming to the CKC blog, including the Scrap Busters series! I've been looking at my boxes and boxes and boxes of scraps and knew it was time to do something with some of them. 

So after digging around and finding a few pieces I got started making this adorable little clutch that I now keep in my diaper bag with some of Ayla's favorite toys! And with the Velcro closures I’m pretty sure she thinks it’s a toy in itself.

So let’s get started. For my clutch I’m using some Heather Bailey left over scraps from a dress I made Ayla earlier in the week.

After choosing the scraps in which you are going to use, cut two 6" x 8" rectangles in the main fabric and two in the lining fabric. Cut two 4" x 8" rectangles for the closing flap. And cut one 3" x 9" rectangle for the strap.

Next we will be cutting a square off the bottom corners of both 6" x 8" rectangles. To do this, I simply cut a 1.5" perfect square from a piece of paper lying around and lined it up and traced it and SNIP, SNIP.

Next, we will be cutting and sewing the closing flap and the strap. Take your 4" x 8" flap pieces and quickly press them with a iron. Then using a plate or bowl, round off the rectangle, creating a half circle like in the picture below. Go ahead and sew along the curve,  with right sides facing. Flip, press and top stitch. Set this aside for now. 

Now for the strap take your simple 3" x 9" rectangle and iron it like bias tape! Easy enough, eh?
After pressing flat, stitch up both sides. Then fold so the short raw edges are together and stitch down the raw edges so they don't move when you go to sew the strap in. This is now our clutch strap!

Now taking our clutch strap we will pin it in place 1" from the top of one piece of the main clutch. Then with right sides facing, we will sandwich the strap between the two fabrics and stitch along all 3 sides.

Next we will fold the corners so they are each a straight slit and sew the corners closed. After doing so, flip right side out and iron.

Now onto the lining. The lining is done in the same fashion as the main fabric but we leave an opening at the bottom as shown. Remember to sew the corners shut as well. 

Almost there!

Now onto the fun part. Time to sandwich the flap between the main fabric and the lining.

Once sandwiched together and pinned, sew all along the top of the clutch.

Now pull the clutch though the opening in the bottom of the lining. And then sew closed. Don’t worry you won’t see this ;)

After sewing the hole closed and flipping the lining into the clutch, it will need a quick press of the iron.

Finally we will sew the last top stitch around the opening of the clutch.

The final step is to create the closure of your choice. For these clutches I used Velcro and added an adorable button to the outside, adding a little extra something. You can use any method you like... i.e. snaps, Velcro, button with button hole.

Now go get to sewing!! And let’s see those clutches! Email photos of the fun clutches you create using those scraps we all have to and on May 17th I'll select 2 winners, to win a pack of 5 Fat quarters, which can be used in our next scrap busting tutorial!  

Enjoy and Happy Sewing,

Note: Using the same simple concept of this clutch you are able to make them larger or smaller. I made this one to carry to the pool this year by simply adding an inch to all the pieces.

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