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Thursday, May 2, 2013

And The Cats Outta The Bag

Hey y’all. I just wanted to take a moment and introduce myself and our other social media associate, since you all will be hearing from us on a daily bases from now on. And lets be honest you all are dying to know who got the jobs. 

I’m Morgan. A hippie wife and momma from good ole Kentucky trying my darndest to keeping my household running smoothly. Ill be the newbie behind the CKC blog.

I spend most of my days out back on an old vintage quilt with a mason jar of coke in hand, playing with my beautiful daughter and dreaming up millions of business ideas that, in reality, I would NEVER have time for.
When I’m not out back playing and dreaming (or changing diapers, cooking cleaning and blah blah blah) you are most likely to find me in my sewing room where my deep love of vintage textiles is quite evident. So in a nutshell I’m just a good ole Kentucky Mom, with an overly creative mind, anything and everything turquoise lover, mid century modern addict, the queen of mix match fabrics, an Instagram abuser, shoe loving, Pinterest nut, who finds time to sit behind a sewing machine on a daily basis.

And this is Courtney a momma of two beautiful little girls from Texas. She’s been sewing for 6 years and is the newbie who will be managing CKC fan page and online groups.

Hey everyone! My name is Courtney, and I am so, so, so thrilled to be one of the new Social Media Marketing Associates here at CKC. I cannot believe that I am actually part of this awesome company! I had only ever made a couple of clothing items before finding CKC patterns, and I was instantly hooked. I loved the look of the outfits, of course, but I also loved the quality patterns and excellent customer service. I hope to be able to continue that standard of customer service during my time here with CKC. I look forward to this journey with CKC and all of you!
A little bit about me~ I am a proud Christian Texan stay at home Mommy to 2 of the sweetest girls ever.  I do run my own boutique, and I am married to the most wonderful man! Before settling down with a family, I was a bit of a wandering soul. I have studied in London, Prague, and Playa del Carmen. I worked in Denali, AK for one summer, and I was a flight attendant out of Denver for a year. We haven’t travelled much having young kids, but I can’t wait to get back to it. Besides sewing, I am an outdoor nut, love reading, love any arts and crafts, and I am addicted to those awful reality shows (I can’t believe I admitted that).  I like to bake, but it falls low on the priority list. I think I am pretty lazy, but in reality I can’t do only one thing to save my life.
We are so excited to be joining the Create Kids Couture team. Now for the fun part. Shannon and Tiffany asked you via Facebook for any questions you all may have for the new social media coordinators. So here y’all go.

Where did you learn to sew?
Morgan- Well you see this is a funny question because if you ask my mom, she will tell you she did. But I always say I taught myself. So here Mom this is for you. See my mom got me my first sewing machine when I was in the 5th grade. She showed me how to thread it and how to sew a straight line and let me at it. So I guess I should say my Mom taught me to sew but I taught myself all the fun tips and tricks.
Courtney- I grew up sewing with my Gran Gran in lovely ole Olney, Texas- population 3,236. She is a quilter, and I would love going to spend weekends with her to sew, fish, cook, and play cards. It was great quality time that I will always remember fondly, and I do still have a few of the throws we made. I hope to make those kind of great memories teaching my girls to sew.

What was your worse sewing experience?
Morgan- HA!! This question nearly made my coke spue from my nose. So I've been sewing for about 13 years now and my worst sewing experience happened just last May, while I was pregnant. You see I had made my hubby a killer pair of seersucker shorts with bright yellow pockets. So of course his best friend of 15 years demanded he have a pair. I complied (like the good friend I am) and after cutting the pieces I was told he wanted them a little tighter then my husbands were. So I took them in some. Showed Hubby, who said to take them in even more. I was hesitant but I did. So any who he shows up to my baby shower wearing some store bought shorts. Turns out that I made them so small he said they were SKIN tight! I would share the hilarious photo but I'm gonna keep this blog PG (its my 1st day on the job after all)
Courtney- Oh, so many to count. I don’t know of any major disasters, but directional fabric gets me every time! Actually, while writing this I just had another directional fabric disaster. I was making an Aubrey the other night when I realized I had sewn the 2nd tier to the 3rd tier upside down. I went to bed. This morning I looked at it and thought, “Hey~ it’s my lucky day! That’s not upside down!” and I finished the dress. Well, what do you know~ one of the panels on the 2nd tier was right side up, but the other was upside down. So I got to spend a lot of quality time with the seam ripper
Do you work outside of Create kids Couture?
Morgan- No, not any longer. I use to own a kids clothing company but I closed it after we found out my mom had cancer. I sadly just had too much on my plate at the time. After lots of tears and prayers I knew it was the best choice for my family to close.
Courtney- I am a stay at home mom to a one year old and a two year old, so you bet I work! HA! But seriously, I also have a Facebook and Etsy store- Coco’s Cute Creations. I can only sew when the girls are asleep, so it’s mostly for fun and keeps me plenty busy.

What is your favorite CKC pattern?
Morgan- Well I'm gonna have to go with the Kiki's. It was the 1st CKC pattern that I tested and I fell in love with CKC because of it.
Courtney- My most favorite CKC pattern is Aubrey- so pretty, so girly, so flowy. And I love being able to mix patterns and colors. My latest obsessions are Cora, Poppy, Lacey, and Whitney!

Other then kids clothing what do you enjoy sewing?
Morgan- Wow, um well I've not sewn anything other then kids clothes in about a year. That was baby quilt and a doll I made my daughter. I just love sewing!
Courtney- I guess I would say things for the home. This past month we moved into a new house, so I am excited to start making new curtains, pillow covers, etc

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