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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

May's Free Pattern for

Did you check your e-mail? Last night our new pattern was sent out to all the amazing subscriber's to's newsletter. We've already received so many positive emails and comments about it! It's gonna be a big hit this summer!
If you missed it, let me be the first to introduce....

Allison's Ruffled Pillowcase Dress and Top

Isn't it darling? Of course it isn't the classic pillowcase dress. In fact, it's not really made like a pillowcase at all! You're gonna have to download the pattern to see the fun techniques we use to create this "faux pillowcase" look. But check out more pictures below first!

We paired Natalie's top version (on the left) with the Emma's Ruffle Butt Bloomers for a fun summer look!

The girls just had so much fun in these outfits! Did we mention how FAST they are to sew? 

Can't forget one with Tiffany's beloved dog Bella...LOL! This poor dog is the bribe we use so often when we take pictures. "Smile pretty and when you're done you can take a picture with Bella!" You gotta find what works right? 

Oh! And did we mention that is having a 15% off sale right now on their suggested fabrics to make this outfit with? Check it out HERE. Lots of amazing prints on sale now until the 20th.

Happy Wednesday everyone and please go download this newest pattern to add to your Create Kids Couture collection <3 

Happy Sewing!
Shannon and Tiffany

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