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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Covered Buttons

How cute are these covered buttons??? I found these in  this Etsy shop and just think that they are the cutest little things I've ever seen. I have a thing for birds, maybe because my name is Robin, I don't know.

Someday I will own one of these...

But for now, it's off to Joann's for the much cheaper version! Covered buttons are a fun, cheap, and easy way to dress up your creations.

I recently made Abby Millie's Schoolhouse Skirt.
  In case you didn't know it's a free CKC pattern and you can get it here. I didn't feel like making a matching shirt, and I had a blank shirt on hand I wanted to dress up a bit, so I decided to make some covered buttons to match. Here's just how easy there are to make!

Get out your supplies. You should have a fabric scrap, a button front, a button back, and a 2 piece button press. The package I purchased has a circle pattern on the back to trace on the fabric to cut it the right size, but, as you can probably tell, I didn't use it. :)

Place your fabric right side down over the top of the female piece of the button press and center the button front over it.

Use the male piece to press the button down into the female piece.

Tuck the fabric inside the the back of the button front.

Take your button back and using the male piece, press the back firmly into the front to secure it.
And there you have it, a super cute covered button! Now how easy was that???


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