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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Snowman Ornament and Finger Puppet

Hello, CKC fans! Annika from Bugga Bugs here with a fun tutorial to make your own Snowman Finger Puppet Ornament! 
I confess, I am a firm believer in Christmas trees children can actually touch.
In a house full of them I've learned it's okay if my tree doesn't look perfect. I'll admit, the metamorphosis it goes through during the season as their little hands rearrange its treasures can be quite entertaining. But I love it. It's proof that the joy of the holiday has crossed their precious minds at least once that day without my instigation. It's proof they're still little. It's proof they're still home. One day, all too soon, I'll have a "perfect" Christmas tree.. and I'll long for these days of imperfection {and then my grandkids will arrive and we'll have triple the rearranging we did in the past. hehe}.
So, without further ado I give you... 
The Snowman Finger Puppet Ornament
An ornament meant to be played with!

Supplies: Scraps of felt in white, red, orange, blue, yellow and brown. Floss in white, blue and black.
1. First, cut out the pattern pieces. Some of these guys are bitty {I'm talking Bitty!} so for tips on cutting them out check out my blog post, How to Cut Small Pieces from Felt, then hurry back. You'll be glad you did.
2. Using a blanket stitch, hand stitch the snowman pieces together. Leave the very bottom open for little fingers to slip inside. Here's my quick Blanket Stitch Video Tutorial just in case.
3. Hand stitch the hat and hat rim pieces to the snowman as shown. At this point you're just stitching along the bottom edge of the hat rim. Try to catch the main yellow hat pieces in a couple of the stitches.
4. Cut a length of thread or floss (use what you've got on hand) to your liking for the hanging loop. Mine was about 7 inches. Tie the ends together in a large knot.
5. Sandwich the knotted end of your loop between the yellow hat pieces. Now start stitching through the top edge of the blue hat rims. Catch the knot in your needle a couple of times as you're stitching to secure it in place. {Or... just hot glue it. Done.}
6. Stitch up the sides of the yellow hat. Make sure to sandwich your red "pom-pom"pieces in at the top as you continue around.
7. Using black (or dark) embroidery floss, hand stitch some eyes onto the front of your snowman using french knots. Here's my little French Knot Tutorial should you need it.
8. French knots for your smile as well. He's coming to life!
9. Fold the orange piece together to make a tiny cone. A couple stitches will secure it in place. Glue it onto your snowman as shown. I used Liquid Stitch because it was within arm's reach. Hot glue, felt glue or even regular white glue will do just fine.
10. Glue the pairs of arms together to create a more 3d effect. Place the arms on your snowman to get a feel for where you want them but don't secure them in place just yet.
11. Wrap a bit of blue embroidery floss around one of your fingers. Leave a long tail at the end. Gently pull the loops off your finger. Use the tail to tie them together around the middle.
12. Clip the ends of the loops to create a bit of a pom-pom.
13. Glue the ribbon onto the present then finish it by glueing the pom-pom bow to the top.
14. Clip the ends of the snowman's scarf to mimmic tassels and wrap it around you're snowman's neck until he looks stylish. A little dab of glue here and there will keep it in place.
15. Glue the present under your snowman's hands. Secure the arms in place with a bit of glue as well and you're done!
Tip: You can glue the hat pieces in place as well if you're looking for something quick. Either way is darling. A little fabric paint for the eyes and mouth and you've got yourself a no-sew project. Try cutting the pieces out for the kids and then letting them make their own! We'd love to see pictures on our Facebook Wall! Also, feel free to enlarge or shrink the pattern to your liking.
Get the Pattern! Click the picture below or click here!
Merry Christmas!
More fun Patterns at!
Thanks, Annika

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