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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Free Ribbon Blanket Tutorial

We've all been busy making handmade gifts for our little ones over the past few weeks, and Tiffany was recently reminded of the very first thing she ever sewed. It was this simple handmade gift that she created for her baby boy that opened the floodgates of creativity and started on her sewing journey-- A ribbon blanket, sewn completely by hand, every stitch sewn with love.
Tiffany's Son Aidan sleeping with his Ribbon Blanket

I don't know about you, but I can certainly relate to Tiffany's experience. It was most definitely my children that got me back into sewing.  I'm sure many of you share this experience with us too, and appreciate the inspiration they stir up within us. What a blessing it is to be a mother.

Natalie and Aidan with their blankies
Most children adore ribbon blankets. There's just something about the colors and textures, the softness and the little loops that they just can't help but love.  And they're not just for little babies either; toddlers and bigger kids like them too.

Blankie is never far away...usually just outside of the picture

They make great presents for your own children, and are always a welcome  gift at a baby shower or toddler birthday party. Ribbon blankets are perfect projects for beginners, easy to sew, and a great end result!

Xavier, Shannon's son, with Natalie

As a little thank you to the CKC fans, Tiffany wrote up a free tutorial sharing how to make a ribbon blanket. Here is the link to the tutorial:
Enjoy, and happy sewing!

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