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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Rocks in my Pockets- Free Pocket Tutorial

Hello, my name is Nikki Luke and I am the owner of Look –N- Good Hair Accessories and Luke Photography. Today I am going to share how I add back pockets to my CKC pants patterns.
First you need to determine what size pants you are making, cut out your pants pieces and set aside. Then you need to determine what size you need to cut your pockets. Here is the guide I follow, some of you may like bigger or smaller pockets but these measurements have always worked for me.

6-12 month 3 ½” X4 ¼”
12-18 month 3 5/8” X 4 3/8”
2T 3 ¾” X 4 ½”
3T-3 7/8” X 4 5/8”
4T- 4” X 4 ¾”
5- 4 1/8” X 4 7/8”
6- 4 ¼” X 5”
7- 4 3/8” X 5 1/8”
8- 4 ½” X 5 ¼”

Cut a pattern piece in the measurements for your size out of a piece of paper. Then fold it in half widthwise. Now you will lay the folded pattern piece on your cutting mat with the bottom edge on a line. Lay a straight edge or ruler on the folded bottom corner and angle it up to the ¾” mark on your cutting mat and draw a line.

Cut off the portion under the line and open your pattern piece. Now the bottom of your pattern piece is triangle shape like most pants pockets.

Now you need to cut 4 of your pocket pieces out of the fabric you wish to use, two pieces per pocket.

Put two of the pieces right sides together and sew/serge all edges except the top straight edge. Turn right side out and iron flat. Now turn in the top straight edge by ¼” and iron flat. Then top stitch the top edge of pocket only. Repeat with other pocket pieces for the other pocket.

 Now get your pants pieces and sew only the center back seam of your pants. Open and iron flat if needed. Now lay your pants on your table/mat right side up. I place my pockets 1-1 ½” out from the center seam (1” for smaller size and 1 ½” for the larger sizes) and 3 ½” down from the top edge of the pants.

  Once you have the placement right pin the pockets to the pants and sew all edges except for the top one that you topstitched earlier. Now that your pockets are sewn on continue sewing your pants following your pattern instructions.

Won’t your little one be excited to get to carry things in her pockets now! Here are some pictures of my finished pants/set!

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