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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Field Trip Part 2- Running with Scissors

If you read yesterday's post, you know I was out running around town, trying to shake the cabin fever induced crazies out of my head.  While we had all been cooped up in the house, my kids had been up to even more mischief than usual, and one of them you know who you are you little scoundrel and if I ever figure out which one of you it was you're going to be sorry took my beautiful chintz designer series Gingher Scissors and cut something...what, I have no idea, but whatever it was left a big fat gash in the cutting surface. Maybe you can tell already, I love these scissors (partly because my husband bought them for me and partly because they are the only left handed scissors I have ever owned). So, I looked up the local sharpening service on Google and made an appointment to have them repaired.

Meet Pat Bertrand. Scissor Sharpener Extraordinaire, Owner of Bertrand's Mobile Sharpening.

This is Pat's Mobile Shop. Pretty neat set up, don't you think? Pat lives in my town and works here, but he also travels all over the state sharpening knives, scissors, and gardening tools. I met up with Pat in the parking lot of a shopping plaza and parked across the aisle. Just prior to meeting up with Pat, I took my kids to the park and wore them plum out. Then, I went through the Chick-Fil-A drive through and got them ice cream, except the baby, of course, but she was already sleeping. I figured they could sit buckled in their car seats in the AC and eat ice cream for 10 minutes while I got my scissors fixed... more on that later.

Inspecting the damage, doesn't look good, does it? This is going to take forever. Actually, watch the video; it only took 15 seconds per blade.
Yep, that was it. Good as new! Pat Bertrand is my hero! Well, I had 2 more pairs to get sharpened, so that wasn't really it...I wandered across the aisle of the parking lot to check on my kids. All is well, although it looks like the ice cream may have been a bad idea. Remind me to go with lollipops next time. I chatted with Pat while he sharpened my last 2 pair and then I hear my oldest son doing his fake "I'm Dying" scream. Yeah, I'm his mom, have been for 7 years now, I know when it's fake and when it's real. Anyways, it was pretty muffled, but apparently loud enough to get the attention of the people getting in the car in parked directly in front of mine. I hear them discussing whether or not to call the cops about these poor kids locked in the car all by themselves, so I walk back across the aisle to let them know they are my kids, I'm standing right here,  I'm just choosing to ignore them and I have not abandoned them.  And then, to prove that I'm not the worst mom ever, I open the van door to see what the fake scream of death is all about. I'd tell you what it was about, but it was so insignificant that I truly cannot even remember what it was. Yeah, you've been there right?
Well, all my scissors are good as new, and for only $15. If you have high quality scissors that have gotten nicked or dull, see if you can find a local sharpener. If you don't have some good scissors, you should really put them on your wish list! There's nothing worse than crappy scissors, well, except maybe dull pins, those really stink too, but seriously, get some good scissors. They'll last a lifetime if your kids don't get to them and if you keep them sharpened!

Thanks Pat!

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