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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Field Trip!!!

  It's been over a month now since I've been trapped at home. My husband somehow managed to crack the block on his Honda, and the entire engine needed to be replaced, so his car has been in the shop and I have been stuck at home all day, every day, with 3 small children. Yep, I've been pretty much going crazy over here. When we finally got his car from the garage end of  last week, I busted out of the house with my kids in tow and decided to spend the entire day doing nothing but running around town.

Here was my first stop:

A local fabric store, going out of business. :(

Unfortunately, it was all upholstery/ home decor fabric which I pretty much never use. Quick, send me some ideas; it's only $4.00 a yard! Seriously, what can I do with this stuff? There are lots of cute prints. Leave me a comment and help me out. I did manage to score 2 yards of demin for some Hailey's  Triple Ruffle Pants!

My next stop was Coastal Sewing and Appliance.

Here I drooled over all kinds of gorgeous machines, but most notably a Babylock self threading serger. Too bad it cost the exact same amount of money as the new engine in my husband's car...otherwise it would have gone home with me! Check this out! (I actually took a video at the store of the threading demo, but my little ones were yakking it up too loudly in the background, so I'm sharing this YouTube video instead)

For real, you push a button and the thing threads itself!!! There is even a needle threader on it. What an amazing machine. Someday....

Until then,  found a little tool that is in my budget, SeamFix.

So, basically, this is just a seam ripper with a fun sticky little knob on the end. You use it kind of like  an eraser and it picks up all those annoying little threads that are left after you've ripped you seam.

Sweet. Thanks, Debbie, for showing me around your store and sharing your goodies!
Well, I made one more stop on my field trip, and I think this one might be my favorite, but I'll have to wait and share that with you tomorrow. Y'all come back now! 
Happy Sewing!

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