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Thursday, September 6, 2012

New Policy on Photo Usage!!!!

We're growing and changing here at Create Kids Couture, and here's a change that will make some of you very happy. We are updating our photo usage policy. We used to prohibit folks from using our photos because we used to sell the clothes as well as the patterns and didn't want our competitors using our photos to sell their clothes, but now that we are just selling patterns, we've decided to let you use our photos to help market your items. We do have some rules though, so please read this post carefully, be respectful and follow them, or you will no longer be able to use our photos.

First, we REALLY prefer if you share photos directly from our Facebook albums on your page.  For example, say I want to hold a flash sale of outfits made from Grace's Twirly Knot Dress and Top Pattern for my shop Two Modest Mamas. I would go to the CKC Tops Album, click on the photo of Grace's, click share, and write in my own comment, and then click Share Photo. Here's what it will look like:

This way, the photo is always linked back to our page, it's in its original format, and there's no wondering who it belongs to or where it came from. Also, please note that I am not taking credit for sewing the outfits. Whenever you use our photos you must include something that informs people that you did not sew the items pictured. Just keep it simple. You can say this, or something in your own words, but be sure to get the point across:

  • Stock photo courtesy of Create Kids Couture; items pictured not made by me. To see my work, please visit my other albums.
For folks who own numerous patterns, resharing can get cumbersome every time you want to remind your fans what is in your sewing repertoire, and we understand that. So, we are also now allowing albums hosted on your own page. Here's the deal:
  • Don't alter the image in ANY way. That means don't alter it at all. Ever. Nothing. Nada. Don't add, don't remove, don't crop, don't resize, just don't!
  • Be sure the photo has our logo on it. All of our newer ones do, but if you happen to find an old one without our logo, please use a more current photo as one with the logo is available.
  • Tell your fans, in case they miss the logo, that this is not your image, that it is a stock photo from CKC.
  • Tell your fans you did not make the outfit pictured.
  • Tell your fans where to find the pattern.
Here's what this would look like:

Notice the Title of the Album, "Create Kids Couture Patterns." If you own a whole lot of our patterns, you can make an album just like this. Also, notice the description of the album. I clearly give credit to CKC for both the photo and the outfit, and I let them know where the pattern can be purchased. And, of course, I did not alter the image in any way. I got all my bases covered. I'm good to go.

Here's what the inside of the album looks like when you click on a photo:

Hmmm, not good. I forgot to tell them I didn't make the pants pictured. Yes, it was in the album description, but if someone did not see the entire album, they might miss that. I need to go back and change that. Oops, I also forgot to tell the where to find the pattern. Need to fix that too.

 See, it's not that hard. It took me less than 30 seconds to do it all right. Way less time than making outfits to send to a professional photographer and obviously free! Oh, and did you notice that within seconds of me posting the pic, someone commented that they were interested? Looks like this will be a good marketing tool!

We hope you're happy with this change and we hope that allowing you to use our photos will help you grow your businesses and increase your profits. Please, please be respectful of our images and follow the rules. We are stepping out of the box to offer this to our fans, as I'm sure you've noticed, most companies do not allow this, but we feel that we grew because of you, and to return the favor, we'd like to help you grow too!

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