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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Help!!! I'm stuck under an avalanche of fabric scraps!!!

If you've been sewing Create Kids Couture patterns for a while, you've probably begun to accumulate a whole bunch of fabric scraps. If you're as obsessed with fabric as I am, you probably also have a hard time parting with them. They are so small. And so cute. And so soft. And full of so much could you possibly throw them away???

Here's a photo of my fabric scrap collection. Isn't it pretty?

Yeah right!!! This is definitely NOT my fabric scrap collection!!! That work of art actually belongs to Tonya Staab, and you can read more about how she used a fabulous old cassette tape tray to organize her fabric on her blog which you can find here.

 My fabric scrap collection hoard is such an ugly monstrosity, a photo of it would certainly tarnish the reputation of this blog forever, so I will leave it up to your imaginations. I really want to downsize, I just can't make myself do it, so I went searching for some inspiration and asked our fans to send in their ideas. I got so many great submissions and included as many as I could in this post; I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

Make  Fabric Bunting: Gracies Lemonade Stand--Submitted by Crystal

OMG!!! How Precious is this little girl??? And how awesome is this lemonade stand??? Crystal and her mother in law made this precious bunting together to help Gracie decorate her stand. Fabric bunting is an easy,  cute and quick way to use scraps. There are tons of free bunting tutorials out there, but here's one of my favorites from Now I'm starting to get inspired, and maybe even a little motivated, and my sewing room could really use a some whimsical decor, so I'm starting my list: 1. Make fabric bunting

Make Fabric Scrap Tutus: Ragtime Tutu--Submitted by Kendra

Wow! That is really cute! And it looks pretty easy. And I know there's a free CKC tutorial around here somewhere to make one! Wow, I can almost feel my hoard beginning to shrink!

Make Coordinating Doll Clothes: Bear Dress--Submitted by Maria

What a sweet idea. My daughter isn't old enough to play with dolls yet, but when she is I will definitely be making them matching outfits! I recently made matching Serena's dresses for a customer's daughter and her American Girl doll by taking free AG patterns from here to use as a reference. Most manufacturers also post their dolls' measurements online, so if you don't have one on hand, you can still figure out your sizing.

Here's another cute picture of coordinating outfits, this one sent in by fan Tracy.

Applique: Make Applique Shirts--Submitted by Alicia

Alicia made this super cute applique using her embroidery machine, so if you don't have one, you're out of luck.  Just kidding!!! Here's a free tutorial on how to make really cute appliques just like this one below.

Accessories: Make Coordinting Hair Accesories--Submitted by Lindsey

Lindsey uses her scraps to make hair coordinating accessories to sell in her shop Linzi Lou's Chic Boutique.  If you've never tried making a matching headband or rolled flower or some other hair accessory, you must know that there are tons of free tutorials for these on Pinterest!!! Or you can view ours here!

I think that this last idea sent in by Melissa is my absolute favorite. There is no picture, and after you read about it, you will understand why. Here's how she plans to use her scraps:
"My favorite use for the scraps is a huge work in progress! After I finish each outfit I take some scraps and make a quilt square. I have done this for each of my girls since they were born. Each of them have their own tote box full of quilt squares. I intend to sew them all together to make a quilt to give to them when they have their first child. As I look at each piece of fabric I can see my little ladies as babies or toddlers or their first day of school. Just seeing these fabrics brings me back to the days they wore it, and the memories we made! The thought of someday seeing my grandchild wrapped up in all of these beautiful memories and hopes that I have for my own child just fills my heart!!"
Heart sweet is that??? I've heard of people saving baby clothes to make quilts, but some of my kids' favorite outfits are not worth saving by the time they are ready to give them up. If you use Melissa's method and make a square every time you make an outfit out of the scrap fabric, you never lose a memory to a grape juice stain or a hole in the knee! Sweet!!!

If you're still not inspired to get out those scraps and do something crafty here are 50+ Scrap Fabric Busters from Tipnut. And one last suggestion: If you know you're never going to use your scraps, donate them to your local quilters guild. They will be happy to take them and put them to good use! Well, what are you waiting for??? Go get your scrap pile and get to work!!!

And when you're done, don't forget to send me a photo at robin at createkidscouture dot com!

Now get Crackin'! :)

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