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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

CKC Week in Review

Wow, last week was quite a whirlwind wasn't it??? Three new pattern releases plus a free shirred tutorial and pattern came out all in just a matter of a few days!!! Well, in case you missed it, here's our week in review.

Shannon released her long awaited and much sought after Willow's Wrap Jacket. This jacket is incredibly stylish and despite how cute it looks, it really isn't that hard to make. So versatile, depending on the fabric you use, it can be light weight, mid weight, or even a raincoat!

Some of our fans were kind enough to share their photos. Check out all these beautiful jackets!!!
Heidi- Corduroy and Flannel

Michelle- Quilter's cotton

Krista- Cotton Laminate

Next, Tiffany released her beautiful Rosanna's Corset Peasant Dress. Offering 3 sleeve lengths, this dress is a must have in any little princess's closet, no matter what the season!!!

And all the little princesses must have started begging mommy to get sewing because I got lots of Rosanna pics in my inbox as well. Check these out!
By Autumn

By Jessica

By MaeFlowers & Junebugs

By Ultimately Posh

 By Georgia

It looks to me like there's a lot of happy little girls out there!!!

Shannon also released her Islsa's Knit Ruffle Shorts.  These shorts are so fun looking, aren't they? There are so many different tops you can pair these shorts with, you could even wear them under a dress for monkey bar shorts! 

And here's a pair made by one of our fans!!!
By Michelle
 I'm still crying over the fact that only one person sent in pictures of their Isla's shorts, but I'm gonna get over it now because I'm so excited about the free Scarlet's Shirred Skirt Tutorial CKC released at the end of the week. You know what's really cool about this one??? It goes up to size 16 girls!!!! Oh, and it's free, that's pretty amazing too!!! If you missed it, you can find it here!!!

And that's our week in review! We hope you liked seeing the fan photos. We really love seeing all your creations and get excited whenever you post them on our page, so keep on doing it!!!

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