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Monday, March 12, 2018

DIY Comfy Pet Hammock

Today we have a free pattern that is going to make both you and your pet super happy!  

Introducing our Comfy Pet Hammock!  

This style of hammock is best used inside a cage that has bars along the top for hanging, and of course you want to use it only for animals that are able to climb inside on their own. Safety first!  And YES, the adorable monkey in the photo is real!  (You'd be amazed how many people have asked that.)  Tosha's squirrel monkey Julian is super fun, and probably super spoiled too. (As he should be.)  So today Tosha will show you how to make a comfy hammock for whatever little critters you may have at your house. 

Let's get started! 

First, decide how big you want the hammock to be for your cage. It needs to have room to hang freely and loosely, so take that into account as you measure. For today's tutorial, Tosha cut her fabric 20" x 24".  

Cut two pieces of fabric the same size. One will be the outer layer you see, and one will be the inner layer that's comfy. Tosha used character cottons for the outside and minky for the inside. 

Match the fabric pieces with right sides together and pin in place.  Sew around the four sides using a 3/8" seam allowance, leaving a 3" opening on one of the sides.

Clip each of the corners next to the stitching to reduce bulk. 

Turn the hammock right side out using the opening. 

Use a creasing tool and/or iron to make the corners nice and crisp. Turn the seam allowance in at the opening and pin in place. 

Then topstitch the opening shut. You may topstitch around the entire hammock edge if you want, or just the opening to close it.

You are now ready to add the eyelets and hangers to each corner!  There are several different sizes and styles of eyelets available (sometimes called grommets), and they should have instructions on the back. This brand can usually be found at walmart or local fabric stores. 

First you will make a center hole near each corner of the hammock.  1/2" to 1" should be sufficient. (Use your package instructions!)

The eyelets or grommets are usually slid into place and then hammered together using an enclosed tool, as shown above and below. 

Note: Be sure to do this on a secure surface that won't be harmed by the hammer!  Cement, nice wood tables, and ceramic tile are NOT good places to hammer!  Please use a cutting mat or thick cutting board to protect your surfaces. 

Once you have the eyelets installed, simply slip in your hangers/clips to each one.  

That's it! Your hammock is all made and ready to hang!

Be sure to hang the hammock where it won't interfere with the door, etc.  You want it to hang down enough that it will be easy to get in and relax!

Next comes your little buddy!  He/she may not be able to thank you for your efforts, but hopefully he/she will love it as much as Julian does! 

 It may even become his favorite snacking spot. 

***Cuteness overload!***

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial!  Please come share your finished photos in our patterns group on Facebook so we can see your cute little friends in their hammocks too! 

Let's Create! ~ Kristen  

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