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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

9th Day of Christmas: Log Slice Floor Cushion

It's the Ninth Day of Christmas at CKC, and today our FREE pattern is one that all members of your family can enjoy!   

Isn't it cool?!  I love it when home goods are both attractive and functional. I think it would make a great gift too! Jessica designed this Log Slice Floor Cushion, and with the easy-to-follow steps she put together, I know you can begin making your own in no time!  Here's Jessica: 

Woven Fabric (1/2 yd. for circles and 1/4 yd. for side)
Scissors or Rotary Cutter
Cutting Mat, if using a rotary cutter
Sewing Machine
Fusible Fleece (3/4 yd.)
Poly-fil Stuffing
Needle & Thread

First, we are going to cut out all of our pieces. You will need two circles of woven fabric and two circles of fusible fleece.  You will also need to cut out two rectangles that are 7”x 42 1/2”, one out of your woven fabric and one out of your fusible fleece.

This is what all the pieces will look like once they’re all cut out.

Before we begin putting the cushion together, we’ll need to iron on the fusible fleece to the wrong side of the woven fabric. If your fabric is already a little stiff like mine is, you may want to trim 1/8” off of the fusible fleece around all the edges to remove some of the bulk in the seam.

Next, we’ll take the long rectangle and pin it, right sides together, along the short edge then sew.

Iron the seam open, but be sure to use a press cloth or scrap of fabric between the seam and the iron! You don’t want to accidentally melt the fleece!

Pin the side to the circle you want to be on the top of your cushion, right sides together and sew. It can be a little tricky with the fabric being so bulky, so take your time and use lots of pins.

Now we’ll repeat the process with the bottom circle. Make sure that your fabrics are right sides together and that you leave a 4-5” gap open for turning.

Next, we’ll turn the cushion right-side out and use the poly-fit to stuff it.

The last step is to sew the gap shut.  You’ll need to take a needle and thread and sew a ladder stitch along the opening. To sew a ladder stitch, send your needle up from the inside of the cushion and pull until the knot at the end of your thread is snug against the back of the fabric.

Then on the opposite side, and directly across from where you just brought the needle through, make a small stitch going up along the seam allowance.

Next, repeat this small stitch on the other side of the hole. Again, starting directly across from where you just brought the needle through.  Continue this back and forth stitch, being sure to keep your stitches nice and snug.

When you reach the end of the opening, pull the thread to tighten the stitches one last time then knot off your thread.

That’s it! Now go enjoy having the couch to yourself while the kids enjoy their new floor cushion!

~ Jessica

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