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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

3rd Day of Christmas: Mermaid Tail Stocking

It's the Third Day of Christmas at CKC and today for our FREE pattern we have something a little magical for you!  There's no doubt that lots of little girls (of all ages) are going to flip for this one!

Eek! So amazing!  Our Mermaid Tail Stocking is perfect for all the underwater folk in your life! You can sew it up with no trouble at all using our free PDF instructions with photos, and then hang it right there on the fireplace with the rest of your stockings!  Our designer Steph is nothing short of a creative genius! 

One of the things I love about this stocking is that you can choose your favorite fabrics to match the personality its owner. Does your little girl like glitter, sequins, sparkles?  Go for it!  Or is she more the camouflage type?  Why not?!  There's no doubt even some boys would love a mer-man tail stocking if you do it in fabrics they like.  

The design includes a sturdy loop for hanging the stockings as well. Aren't they awesome together? This photo also shows the size really well.  Lots of room inside for the good stuff!

And for the tiny members of your family... 

Our pattern also includes a doll-sized stocking!  How perfectly adorable is that?!  

I can only imagine how cute this would look hanging up with a teddy bear poking out of it on Christmas morning.  How about you? Are you ready to get started? 

We hope you enjoy every minute of making this!  When you're done, please come share a photo with us in our patterns group on Facebook. We would love to see!   Also, stay tuned for more of our Twelve Days of Christmas freebies, every weekday here on the CKC blog! 


  1. Hi! Beautiful fabric, question is..where can I purchase that mermaid scale fabric that's metallic? Thank you!

    1. Those look like the one that they have at JoAnn's. I have seen a smaller version of the metallic scales at Wal-Mart also.

  2. Yes! this fabric is from Joanns. :)

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