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Friday, September 22, 2017

Costume Satchel & Belt

While I love designing patterns for CKC, I also enjoy creating custom outfits for my personal boutique. The two go hand in hand, and this week I had a fun project that led me right into a freebie for the blog!    Today you get to learn how to make... 

A costume satchel and a belt!  This little set was inspired by Flynn Ryder and while you could easily use an existing belt, that iconic satchel is a little harder to come by!  So stick around and I'll teach you how to make both. 

First of all, let's talk about the base pieces. I used Merrick's Prince and Pirate shirt (with a slightly smaller collar), Noah's Knee Patch Pants (minus the patches), and the vest is actually a modified Charles' Prince Jacket with shortened sleeves (shortened a LOT).  This is size 12-18 months and it turned out really fun -- but you have to admit, it needs those final pieces!  So first...


First, you will need some kind of by-the-yard belting. I found this faux leather belting at my local fabric shop.  (You could also use wide ribbon, fabric, etc, but the faux leather belting is pretty awesome!)  Buy enough belting to go around the waist of your model TWO times, plus a little extra.  For the size 12-18 months I bought 1.5 yards. You will also want 2 large D-Rings, as shown above. 

First finish both ends of the belt if needed, either with a serger or metal belt-ends. My belting doesn't fray so I opted not to finish the ends. 

Take the two D-rings side by side and slide the belt into it along the flat sides.   

Then fold the belt back on itself by about 2". 

Using a leather  or appropriate needle, sew across the two layers about 1/2" from the edge, as shown above.  If you haven't used a leather needle before, it is so worth it!  You can go through a bunch of layers with no problems. I didn't adjust any machine settings from what I normally do. 

Then sew another row of stitches 1/4" from the first. When you're done, it should look something like the photo above.   

Your belt is technically finished!  Now I'll show you how to wrap it Flynn-style. (It's a pretty cool look for other princes and villains too, I must say!) 

Wrap the belt around the waist two times and bring both ends to the front. 

Adjust the layers so one is higher than the other on the right, as shown in the photo.  Slide the belt end through both D-rings at the same time. 

Fold the belt back on itself and put it through the second D-ring only, as shown above. 

Pull the excess belt length through until you have a tail. If it's a lot longer than you want it, feel free to trim it some.  Make sure you leave enough for it to not slide off though -- you want this costume to be easy for your little one to wear!  If you find it slipping down in a test run, you can either pull it tighter -- or you can even add stick-on velcro to the inside of the belt and the outside of the vest!  

There you have it -- a pretty cool look huh!!

Now all Flynn needs is that infamous satchel... 


For the satchel, you will need about 1/2" yard of faux leather, deco vinyl, by-the-yard felt, or similar sturdy fabrics that don't fray at the edges.  You would also want a small square of velcro and a leather needle. 

Click here to download the pattern pieces for our Costume Satchel. 

After downloading and printing the pattern pieces, use them to cut out the main pieces and flap pieces, as shown above.  

For the satchel's strap, cut a long strip of the sturdy fabric that is 4" wide x however long you want the strap of your satchel to be.  For today's example in size 12-18 months, I wanted it to hang just below his hip so I cut the strap length at 36".  

When you have your pieces cut, they should look something like the photo above. There are two main pieces, two flap pieces, and one strap piece. 

You're ready to sew!  Take the two main pieces and match them with right sides together. Sew around the three lower edges that are curved, using a 3/8" seam allowance.  Do the same to sew the flap pieces together.  Do not sew the upper straight edge on either. After sewing, clip the curves with little triangles, to reduce bulk in the seams.  

Set the flap aside for now.  Take the main piece you sewed and fold the top edge down 1" toward the wrong side, as shown above. Use pins or clips to hold in place. You may iron to set the fold if you want, but be very careful not to heat more than your fabric can tolerate. I did not iron my faux leather -- I simply finger pressed and then used clips. 

Sew the fold in place by stitching 1/8" up from the raw edge all around the main piece. 

Turn the main piece right side out.  Use a creaser tool to make the edges nice and crisp. It should look like the photo above.  Set aside. 

Take the strap piece and fold its long edges 1/2" to the wrong side, as shown above. You may use a light warm iron if you want, but I felt that finger pressing was safer. 

Then fold the piece in half, enclosing the folded edges you just pressed. Use clips or pins to hold in place, as shown above.  The width of your strap should be approximately 1.5" now. 

Topstitch the folds together by sewing 1/8" from the edges.  Repeat on the other side, as shown above. 

When you're done, the strap should be sewn on both sides the full length of it. 

Take one end of the strap and slide it inside the main piece, centering it on one of the side seams. Match its end with the inside edge, as shown above.  Clip or pin in place. 

This is what the clipped/pinned strap should look like on the outside. 

On the outside of the satchel, sew the strap in place at the lower stitching line you already made. Then secure it in place at the top by sewing 1/8" from the top fold.  See photo above.  Repeat to sew the other end of the strap to the other side of the satchel. 

When you're done, you should have the strap attached on both sides of the satchel. 

Now you're ready to add the flap!  First, turn the flap pieces right side out and use a creaser tool to make the edges nice and crisp. 

Topstitch around the curved edges of the flap by sewing 1/8" from the edges, as shown above. 

Then slide the flap into the satchel on the side that will become the back. 

On the inside, match the edge of the flap to the edge that's folded inside. Note that the sides of the flap will curve up the sides of the satchel.  Pin in place, matching the raw edges, as shown above. 

On the outside of the satchel, sew across the stitching line you made earlier, removing pins as you go if possible. (Or you can be brave and sew right across the pins. Your leather needle will be fine but your pins may not be.) 

Then sew another line 14" above the first line, starting at one side seam and ending at the other side seam.  See photo above. 

After sewing, check inside the satchel and make sure your flap is securely sewn in place and that it's centered. If not, go back and try again! 

With your flap in the right place, you're ready to add the velcro!  Place it about 3/4" to 1" from the edge of the flap.  Then flip the flap down and place the second velcro piece at the place where it lands best.  It should be similar to the photo above. 

Sew around the velcro pieces and then sew an X.  Even if you're using sticky velcro, it's a good idea to sew it in place. You want your satchel to be sturdy!

Ta-da!  Your satchel is all ready to go!  Perfect for hiding crowns or money or pets, or whatever else your little one deems appropriate. 

The details definitely make the outfit complete, don't you think?!  

I hope you find this tutorial helpful!  We would love to see what you make with it, so please come share your photos in our patterns group on Facebook!  Also, don't be afraid to use the search bar in the top left corner of the blog -- we have hundreds of free patterns and tutorials just waiting for you!

Let's Create!  ~ Kristen 


  1. If I needed to make the satchel for a 12 year old, how much should I enlarge the template??

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