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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Unicorn Sleep Mask

Would you believe that Unicorn Week is still going strong?! Even though it's the weekend, we still have another FREE Unicorn project for you! 

This is "Snazzy Glitter Gem’s Unicorn Sleep Mask" and we know you're going to love it! Bedtime will be a breeze as you send your little one off into magical dreamland with this mask.  Plus it's fun to make! 

Materials Needed:
¼ yard of Fleece
Fleece scrap for Horn and Ears
Vinyl if using the SVG file for eyes

Begin by cutting the pieces of the sleep mask. You will need 2 mirrored face mask pieces, 2 mirrored horns and 2 mirrored ears. 

You will also need a 14” piece of ¼ elastic. 

First, cut your SVG eyes and press.

Now we will attach the elastic. Use the markers on the pattern piece as your guide. Pin the ends of the elastic in place. You will have the rest of the elastic gathered in the middle.

Place the other mask piece on top, right sides together, pin. Sew as indicated in red. Be sure to leave a 3” opening at the top.

Flip the mask right sides out. Use a blunt object to poke out all the edges and press. Tuck the unsewn edge in and topstitch all the way around the eye mask.

Sew some diagonal lines on your horn, through both layers. I used one of my machine’s fancy stitches, but anything will do.

Place your horn and ears to your liking. Pin in place and sew.

Now with your hot glue gun, glue your flowers in place.

That's it!  Your Snazzy Glitter Gem's Sleep Mask is all ready to put on your little one!  

We hope you love how this turns out. Stay tuned for another day of unicorn fun tomorrow!  

Let's Create! ~ Kristen 


  1. This turns out to be the beautiful blog and its really lovely idea for decorating the kids stuff this way. That can be much flourishing and enhancing the beauty of kids things.

  2. This looks awesome! I need to become more creative!