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Monday, August 29, 2016

Stretchy Car Seat Canopy and Nursing Cover

Today we have a FREE pattern for you that new parents (or even seasoned ones) are going to love, love, love! Not only is it easy to sew but it is also super versatile. Even if you don't have babies of your own, this will score you big points as a gift! 

Super awesome, right?!  I sure wish I had one of these during my baby days! A 3-in-1 gives you a lot less stuff to pack around everywhere you go.  This tutorial comes to us from one of our women's pattern designers, Melissa Walker.  She made it super easy for you follow, with printable pieces and step-by-step photos. You can sew it up in just a few easy steps and then use it for a car seat canopy, a nursing cover, and even a high chair cover as the kiddos get a little older.  That's a lot of uses for just one item!




I also love that there's an easy peep-hole at the top, for checking on baby. That's where the car seat handle goes through too, of course. No more cold air in Baby's face on those breezy days! 

For this pattern you need to use knit fabric with 4-way stretch.  All the details are right in the pattern, so here you go: 

If you have any questions, feel free to post in our patterns group on Facebook.  We would also love to see photos of your completed covers!  Please come show them off to us. Thanks again to Melissa for putting this together for us.

Let's Create! ~ Kristen 


  1. I LOVE THIS PATTERN! Such an AWESOME gift for new mommas! <3 thank you thank you for the free download!

  2. Thank you so much for this tutorial! It is so attractive, practical and simple... I think I need to make one to match every outfit/occasion!!

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