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Monday, April 18, 2016

Introducing CKC BOYS Doll Clothing Patterns + Huge Giveaway From BAVAS Dolls International!

It's a big day for CKC and CKC BOYS!  Today we announced our very first PDF doll patterns for BOY doll clothing! I'm super excited about this and we have had way too much fun preparing for it.  Not only do I get to show off my fabulous new 18" doll, Clark, and his trendy new clothes I made for him, but we're also having a huge giveaway right here, donated by BAVAS Dolls International. Sweet! 

Here he is. The one and only Clark. Isn't he handsome?!  When I  decided to go ahead making patterns for boy dolls, I knew I needed the best looking guy out there. I looked and looked, and at first I was a little discouraged. (Sorry, no offense to all the others out there. Really.) But then... I discovered that I could have my very own custom boy doll made for me!  BAVAS International is a dream to work with.  I got to choose the face and eye color I wanted (to match my own boys who already look like clones), and then she took a brand new AG doll and gave it makeover to be this handsome little guy, complete with makeup removal and an all new boy-styled wig. When he showed up at my door, I couldn't have been happier!  It was worth every penny to have him made over by a pro! 

Plus, there's my little guy who now gets to match. That smile is genuine. He LOVES him. He hasn't taken well to the idea, though, that Clark is *my* new model, to be handled with care. Clark has to sit on my sewing desk and his clothes only get changed when I need them to.  What a mean mom I am. But I have a feeling that Clark is going to have a new [spoiled] friend very, very soon!  

Let's take a minute to talk about the patterns that released today.  The first set is Elijah's Knit Cardigan and Ryker's Woven Skinny jeans.  Yes, you get both pieces in one pattern!  They match the boys' versions down to the last details. The patterns have easy-to-follow photo instructions (as always) and have sizing for both 15" and 18" dolls.  That means they will work on bitty twins, AG dolls, and a variety of others in between -- even some stuffed animals!  We have a blog post that compares all different types of dolls/animals that work well with our doll clothing patterns, so click here if you'd like to see that.  These patterns will work great for boys who want to match their toys, and also for little girls who have little brother dolls. 

The second set we released today is Charles' Prince Jacket and Patrick's Dress Pants. My daughter went nuts over this set when she saw it, because she has the matching Cinderella dress for her girl AG Doll.  What I love about this set, too, is that it's so versatile!  It's not just for prince dressup. The jacket has a no-tails option for everyday wear, and the pants can be used for all styles.  The pants in this set are a more casual fit, while the Ryker's of the previous set are skinnies. Be sure to check out all the photos of both the dolls and the boy versions on the website. So many fun looks you can get out of just one pattern!

Look how fabulous they look on the 15" bitty twin boys too!  Lots of fun times ahead for your little ones!  

Okay, enough talk about the patterns.  I know you're ready to hear more about that giveaway! 

BAVAS Dolls International does an amazing job with their custom dolls!  You can choose to Design Your Own doll like I did, and they will take a brand new AG doll with the face and eyes you want, and then make it over with the hair etc. you choose.  Or, you can shop from their Ready-Made dolls that are already super handsome and ready to ship. (Today I see they have Charlie, Jack, and Nick available for purchase.)  All the info for both options of dolls is right on their website when you click here.    

Or - if you already have an AG doll that you want to make over yourself to become a boy, they actually sell the boy-styled wigs right there in their shop too!  I couldn't believe all the awesome stuff they have available for do-it-yourself-ers! For example -- 

If you want to look at the boy wigs available, click here!  

If you didn't see that last link above, it is sooo worth your time!  They actually go through with step-by-step photos, showing you how to put a new wig on your doll. I considered doing a blog post to teach you these things, but there's no way I could do it better than they did!  So be sure to check those out. They also show how to do the other repairs that you might want to know in the future. These dolls can last forever if you take care of them! 

Photo courtesy of BAVAS International
I have to take a minute to say that they have gorgeous new wigs available for girl dolls too! I had no idea you could give your doll customized curly or super long, luxurious hair. They have lots of styles to match your little cutie, and even some long Rapunzel wigs!

Now back to the boy dolls -- if you're not so much the do-it-yourself-er and want to make sure you get a flawless doll for your money, I do still highly recommend having them do the makeover for you.  They have done this hundreds of times and know how to safely remove makeup and all that too. Plus, you won't have to take the chance of your kids watching you tear apart dolls! (Oh my, you know they love to copy everything they see you do...).  I was quite pleased that my boy doll was already a boy when he showed up at my house! 

So now that you know how awesome they are over at BAVAS Dolls International, let's throw a little giveaway your way!  

Today you have a chance to win this handsome guy, Jack!  Here's what BAVAS International has to say about him: 

"American Boy Doll Jack is an authentic American Girl Doll remade into a boy doll, complete with makeup removal, brand new boy doll wig, and boy doll clothes. Jack has the classic face mold, light skin, brown eyes, and blonde hair in our popular “Gentleman” cut. He is dressed in a bright orange zip hoodie, a white undershirt, dark wash jeans, and black sneakers. The doll and his clothes are brand new. He comes in a redecorated American Girl Doll box, which includes the original straps and protective gear to keep him safe during the trip to his new home. Jack retails for $169.99 on our website, and his wig alone retails for $21.99."

Isn't he awesome?! We want to give a huge thanks to BAVAS International for donating fabulous Jack for this giveaway.  The winner will also receive three CKC BOYS patterns of his/her choice!   You can make your entries below, between now and Sunday, April 24, 2016 at 11:59 est.  On Monday, April 25 we will announce the winner, and it could be YOU!  But only if you enter. :)  

Good luck!  This will be so awesome for one lucky customer to win!  

Happy shopping in the meantime too. Don't forget to grab our new doll patterns while they're 30% off.  We have lots more boy doll patterns to come; we're just getting started!  

Let's Create! ~ Kristen 


  1. Oh I need him so bad!!!!!!!!!!!! I promise to hug him and love him and to only dress him in CKC boy doll clothes!!!!!!

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  4. This is awesome!! I love him. Done!!

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  7. so cute thanks for the opportunity!!!!

  8. Clark is a handsome doll. Love the new patterns. Good luck everyone

  9. Clark is a handsome doll. Love the new patterns. Good luck everyone

  10. Done. My boys would love this.

  11. What a great giveaway!!

  12. He is absolutely Handsome!I have young boy who is dying to get a boy doll. Thanks for the opportunity to win him!

  13. He is so cute! I would love him :)

  14. He is so cute! I would love him :)

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