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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Comparing Dolls for the Perfect Fit

Did you know that it's been one year since we first launched our doll patterns at CKC?  Happy Anniversary to all of the dolls in our lives! To celebrate, we are having an incredible giveaway, and we also thought it would be fun to do a special blog post today. We are going to share some of our favorite dolls with you, as well as make a comparison of all the different kinds and sizes of dolls that can wear our patterns.  

(Assortment of dolls dressed in Noel's, Ruby's/Izzy's, Peony's, Saige's/Carrie's, and Poppy's.)
Although we design our outfits to be for 15" and 18" dolls, that does not mean that they only work on the standard dolls that we often pose for our listings. In fact, not all brand name dolls are even the same size from one year to the next.  Our doll outfits are extremely versatile and will look fabulous on everything from generic discount dolls up to the fanciest of collector dolls. And actually, we don't even need to limit their use to dolls.  My daughter has a tendency to share her outfits with every stuffed animal she can get her hands on! 

At CKC we currently have 39 different doll patterns available, many of them offered as sets, and you can find them here on our website.  For today's blog we put together a chart of our favorite dolls that we regularly dress up in CKC outfits. This is not a full list - it's just to give you an idea of the range in measurements that will work:

There are many differences in our dollies who we love so much!  I think it's really interesting to see how a certain brand's doll can change from year to year.  Did you notice? 

If you have dolls that are outside the ranges above, many of our CKC patterns will still work for them if we make small adaptations. For example, my Cabbage Patch Kid from when I was young is much wider than the new edition one on the chart.  So to make Marissa's peasant dress for my old  treasured doll, I added an inch to the the dress and the sleeves and it fits perfectly! Some of our dolls may be smaller than the chart too. By using the measurements above as a guide, we can figure out just how much to adapt. Also, a couple weeks ago we did a fabulous blog post on how to add a velcro opening to a peasant dress. This will help with dolls or stuffed animals that have large heads. And for those with ginormous hands and feet, like my daughter's beloved Monkey, we have plenty of strappy dresses and tops available: 

Here is Monkey wearing Penelope's Princess Dress. That's a lot of love for a monkey! 

Now we get to do the really fun part of our blog post. It's time to show off our dolls that we listed on the chart above!  These are all wearing CKC outfits made with no adaptations: 

American Girl Doll wearing Caroline's Princess Peasant Dress

Our Generation Doll wearing Felicity's Peasant Top and Jenna's Pants

My Life As Doll wearing Poppy's Peekaboo Dress.

Madame Alexander Doll wearing Phoebe's Stripwork Dress

You and Me Doll also wearing Phoebe's Stripwork Dress

Bitty Baby Doll wearing Joy's Lace Twirly Dress.

Bitty Twin Doll wearing Phoebe's Stripwork Dress.

Cabbage Patch Kid Doll wearing Lily's Apron Romper

My Sweet Love Doll wearing Lucy's Apron Knot Top

 Pink Build-a-Bear also wearing Lucy's Apron Knot Top and Bridgette's Palazzo Pants

Hello Kitty Build-A-Bears wearing Rosanna's Corset Peasant Dress and Phoebe's Stripwork Dress.  And Puppy Build-A-Bear wearing Corinna's One-Shoulder Tiered Twirly Dress.  

Wasn't that fun!?!  As we continue to expand our doll outfits available, we are sure you're going to love matching your girls' outfits with their dolls'. There's just something magical about it. 

Now as one last little treat on today's blog, we're going to link you to a FREE doll pattern that is posted in the tutorials section of our blog: 

It is Paisley's Patchwork Skirt for dolls and it is completely free! In fact we also have the girls' version of the skirt for FREE there too! What a perfect way for you to try out our doll patterns if you haven't already.  

If you have favorite doll patterns that you have made (or are going to make very soon) please share them on our fan page and share this link with your friends! There is plenty of dolly excitement to go around. 

Let's Create! ~ Kristen 

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