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Friday, October 23, 2015

Think Pink!

I'm sure we are all aware that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and one of the ways we can show our support is by wearing pink. Our design team at CKC has a fun tradition of taking it one step further and sewing pink for our kiddos! This year is no different and here are some fun pics of the outfits we came up with.  You might even notice a couple sneek peeks in there. Sit back and enjoy! 

Morgan's daughter, wearing modified Parker's
(Morgan sews pink for her daughter every day in October! You can follow her on IG.)

Nikki's daughter, wearing a very special Chantelle's

 Kristi's daughter, wearing Hattie's

Susan's little buddy, wearing Hadley's

Tiffany A's daughter, wearing a sneak peek 

 Tosha's daughter, wearing Brewster's 

Tiffany Vela's daughter, wearing Tessa's

Candice's daughter, wearing Tansy's

Shannon's daughter, wearing a sneak peek

Shirley's daughter, wearing Tween Rayna's

Kara's daughter, wearing Seyla's

 Kristen's daughter, wearing Tween Toby's 

Stephanie's daughter, wearing a sneak peek

Elizabeth's daughter, wearing modified Hattie's

How fun was that? 

If that wasn't enough pink for you yet and you want to see our pink outfits from last year -- along with a tribute to a very special person -- you can click here.

Above all, we want to give our love and support to our all our fans and their families who are fighting cancer. You are stronger than you may know. <3

Let's Create! ~ Kristen