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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Adding Pockets to Jackets and Cardigans

Hey everyone! It’s Nikki from the tween and women’s department again, and I have a great tutorial to teach you for our jacket/cardigan patterns! We just released Chantelle's and my friend Becky from Proud Momma Designs asked me how hard it would be to add some pockets. So of course I aim to please and quickly drafted some pocket pieces for her. Then we went right to work adding them! 

These pockets would be cute on some of our other patterns too, such as Willow's, Adele's, or even sewn on the front of pants! They are easy to add to any of them and today we will show how we added them to Chantelle's. 

First, download the pattern piece here and print. 

Use it to cut two mirrored sets. 

Once they are cut out, place the pieces right sides together and sew around the pocket leaving a 1.5” opening on the bottom. Repeat with the other mirrored set to create the other pocket. The seam allowance for the pockets is 1/4”. 

Turn the pockets right side out. 

 Optional: You can topstitch the curve now if you want it topstitched. (See the red dashed curves in the photo above.) The two curves will not be stitched when you sew the pockets on. 

Next you will measure where to place the pockets. We found it best to use the pattern piece and place the pockets just above the waist cut line on each side of the front. Measure over from the side seam the number of inches listed below and pin the pocket in place. It is helpful to try on the cardigan after the pocket is pinned on to check to see if it is a comfortable placement for you; if not, you can adjust it to where you want it. Repeat with the other pocket.

Toddler - 2”

Tween – 3”

Women – 4”

Plus – 5” 

After the pockets are pinned on, all that is left to do is topstitch them in place. Topstitch around the pocket close to the edges, except for the top curve, as shown in red above. Make sure you back stitch at the beginning and end to secure the pocket. Repeat with the other pocket. 

That's it! We can’t wait to see all of your cardigans and we hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Here are a couple more pics of the pockets on some cardigans. 

~ Nikki 

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