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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Superhero Wrist Cuffs

It's costume season for most of us and today we have the queen of over-the-top costumes (Dawn from Rainbows Lolipops N Gumdrops, of course) here to show us how to make super-hero wrist cuffs!  

These can be made for boys and girls of all ages for a variety of costume uses. And yes, they're super easy and fast to make! Our tutorial today includes both shapes you see above -- the straight cuff and the pointed cuff, with a printable pattern piece. Because Dawn is so crazy busy filling costume orders right now, I'm going to be doing the tutorial pics. I made mine for my little macho superhero-loving boy. Let's get started! 

First, download and print the ~ CKC Superhero Wrist Cuff pattern piece. ~

After cutting out the pattern piece, place it on your folded fabric and pin in place. If you are using a printed fabric, be sure to center it over the designs you want showing after the 1/4" seam allowance.  Cut through both layers around the pattern piece. 

You should now have two mirrored wrist cuff pieces. These will make one wrist cuff. If you want two wrist cuffs, repeat the cutting step so you have four pieces total. 

Place the two pieces with right sides together and pin around the edges. Then sew around the pieces using a 1/4" seam allowance, leaving a 2" opening at the bottom, as shown in red. 

After sewing, clip the corners and curves. 

Turn the wrist cuff right side out through the 2" opening.  Use a creaser tool and iron to make the edges and corners nice and crisp. 

Top stitch all the edges by sewing 1/8" from the edge all the way around the wrist cuff. 

Your wrist cuff is finished all except the closure.  You can use either velcro or snaps for the closure.  We will show you both.

If you have your model available, determine how much overlap you want the final wrist cuff to have.  If you do not have a model available, you can measure in approx. 1/2" and you may want to use more than one row to make it more adjustable.  

For snaps, I held the overlap in place while using my piercing tool to poke through both layers at the same time.  I made two sets of holes. 

Install the snaps according to package instructions. You will want the snap sockets pointing one direction and the snap studs pointing the opposite direction, so they will snap together when wrapped around the wrist. See photo above.

(You can see I have a lot of overlap on my wrist cuffs. I made the adult size for the tutorial but it needed to fit my 4-year-old. Turned out great!) 

Here is my macho superhero, all ready to go!  

(I'm sure you could argue that Snake Eyes from G.I Joe isn't actually a superhero, but my kiddo was already wearing the shirt and mask, so why fight it? He's a superhero now.) 

The second closure option is velcro. Dawn made these beauties. 

Cut your velcro strips the length you want them and sew them in place, being sure that the hook piece points upward and the loop piece points downward on the opposite end and side.  See photo above. If you are unsure of the sizing, you may want to add an extra row of velcro to make it more adjustable. 

Here is how it should look when worn. Ta-da!

That's the end of our tutorial, but I'm sure you want to see a few more of Dawn's photos. She is spectacular!

Love, love it! 

To show Dawn some love for sharing one of her tricks with us, you can go visit her Facebook page for Rainbows Lolipops N Gumdrops and see what else she has created.  Amazing stuff. 

And of course we can't wait to see what you make to coordinate with *your* new superhero wrist cuffs!   

Let's Create! ~ Kristen

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