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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Sizing Charts and Other Tips in the Read Me File

You might have noticed the "Read Me" file that is now available for download with every PDF pattern you purchase from CKC. Several people have asked what it's for. And our advice is... read the "Read Me" file and you'll find out!  

Just kidding. It's actually a great question. And the answer is pretty simple. That's what we will talk about today! 

All of our recent patterns have our size charts included right in the patterns.  For some of our older patterns, however, we knew that our patterns were true to size and our sizing charts were easy to find on the website, so we did not include them in every pattern.  However, now that there are a lot more PDF designers out there and they are not all true-to-size like we are, we felt it was important to start including our sizing charts with our patterns every time. That's where the Read Me file comes in.  Any time you purchase one of our older patterns, you can also download the "Read Me" file that has our sizing charts and all kinds of other helpful info in it. 

If you're not sure if you have seen it before, the "Read Me" file looks like this at the beginning when you open it: 

I recommend that everyone saves this file and keeps it on hand for future reference!  In fact *I* have it saved to my own Dropbox so I can access it on my phone when customers have questions. If you don't like that it's called "Read Me", you can easily rename it to "CKC Info" or "CKC Size Charts" or something like that so you will know right where it is on your computer or device. Again, we are including the sizing charts in all our new patterns; this is just to provide a little extra info for you to use with the older patterns, several of which are our best sellers. 

If this is the first you are hearing of our "Read Me" file, you might have overlooked it in the excitement of downloading your new patterns!  See the red arrow above.  That is the file we're talking about. It's been there with all of our pattern downloads for several months and we hope you haven't been missing out on its helpful info!  

But if you have missed it and you don't want to go looking for it, you can get it right here, right now:

Now you're all set!  I have one last suggestion now that you have downloaded the Read Me file: 

Read it.

Let's Create! ~ Kristen

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