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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Upcycle a T-Shirt into Jasmine's Shorts or Pants

Hey everyone! I’m Nikki, head of the women/tween department here at CKC. I get a lot of requests to share how I make my upcycled Jasmine’s Bubble Pants, and I thought it may be best to share it in a blog. So I made three pair today to show you how! 

First, you will want a shirt that is bigger than the pattern piece. I usually use men’s or women's L/XL but my daughter has been wanting Frozen and those are easiest to find in the kid’s department. I always measure the pattern piece before shopping, to make sure I choose a shirt that is wide enough and long enough for it.

To prepare the shirt, cut up the side seams and then around the sleeves, so that you have a front and back shirt piece. 

Now fold the front piece in half and line the fold line of the pattern piece along the folded edge and cut out. Repeat this step with the back of the shirt for the other leg piece. 

Now you should  have two leg pieces; one using the front of the shirt and the other using the back. 

You are now ready to follow the instructions from the pattern to construct the pants! 

If you are making shorts and have a collage type design like this minion shirt, you can cut both legs out of the front piece. This worked perfect for the minion shirt I bought that only had a print on the front.

Here is what those pieces look like cut out. 

And here are those shorts sewn together. The possibilities are endless! 

~ Nikki

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