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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Crochet for Beginners

From Emily Wise at Create Kids Couture:

We all love sewing! For me, it’s a second love. My first adventure in self-taught crafting was crochet. I combed YouTube for videos, watched them in slow-motion and tried to follow along. I chained and chained until it was a breeze, then single crocheted and double crocheted in endless strands until I figured out how to turn rows and work in rounds.

So for all of our fans who have watched and wondered and wanted to jump in, now is the time! We’ve created a Beginner to Crochet video tutorial where you can learn how to chain, single crochet, double crochet, half-double crochet, turn your work for rows, and work in continuous rounds. It’s a short and sweet intro or review for fans who haven’t picked up their hooks in a while. It also includes the abbreviations used in CKC crochet patterns.  

And if you need some convincing, our CKC Crochet Testers helped us come up with this Top 10 List of Why YOU should learn to Crochet!

10. Easy start up! All you need is yarn and some hooks.

 9. It’s Portable! Traveling in the car? Going to a kid’s practice? Watching a movie with the family? Stuff your project in a bag and take it along! 

8. Easy to get started! Watch our beginner video tutorial for the basics and you can get started right away! 

7. No Seam Ripper Needed. Did you catch a mistake? No problem, just pull your loose end and unravel to the spot you need to correct and keep going. 

6. A new way to Unwind – get it, your yarn is unwinding as you crochet!  It’s extremely therapeutic, as any crochet lover will tell you. The repeated motion and fast results will give you that crafter’s high you long for. 

5. It’s a quiet craft. Babies sleeping? Family watching tv? Having a conversation? Just keep on hooking! No one is bothered by machines. 

4. You need an apocalyptic skill. No electricity needed! And you’ll still be able to cloth your family if the power is out. 

3. It’s safer. No pokey pins and needles and you can sit your toddler or baby right in your lap while working. 

2. Smaller Stash. You know you have one. Fabric that gets unfolded and spread around before you start your next project. Yarn is compact, and best of all, no need to prewash, iron or fold! 

1. You can win a beginner crochet set with the hooks and accessories you need to get started in style! All you have to do is post anything with #ckccrochet on instagram for a chance to win! No requirements on your post, but you could post the pattern you want to try when you’ve mastered the basics, some yarn you’re loving or any inspiration you have for learning how to crochet.  

Details for Giveaway: 

Post #ckcCrochet to Instagram or Facebook. Contest Ends Monday at 9am CST and we will contact the winning entry. Hashtagged posts must be public for us to search and see them on Facebook.  

Check out all of the CKC Crochet Patterns at and today’s New Releases at Here’s a video commercial for our new Juliette’s Crochet Bodice dress/top which combines my two crafting loves!

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