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Friday, March 27, 2015

Free Pattern: Child's Hospital Gown

We have an extra special free pattern to share with you today! It is a feel-good sew that is so needed!   This idea came to me months ago when we were having our virtual fair contest to donate items to a children's hospital.When all of the entries came in the mail, I had an extra large box full of donation items from one of our testers, Jeannie Olson. Inside the box she had included several hospital gowns, g-tube pads, and handmade blankets to donate for children at the hospital. I was so touched! I later learned that Jeannie uses her own pattern for the hospital gowns, and now she has graciously agreed to share this pattern on our blog for everyone who can benefit from it!  

In a moment I will share the link to download Jeannie's pattern for free. It has all the instructions and pattern pieces included in a PDF pattern. But before that, I want to share with you one of Jeannie's main motivations for the love behind her work. 

This is Jeannie's little boy Paxten and you might recognize him from our website!  He's a handsome little guy modeling his polo that Jeannie made for him. What you don't know from the picture though, is that Paxten has some health struggles and spends quite a bit of time in the hospital.

  He is so brave! For each of Paxten's long visits at the hospital, his mom tries to make him a new gown for every day he will be there, to make it special.  Here are the latest:

Isn't she amazing?!  Of course Jeannie feels like it's the least she can do for her little boy.

As hard as it is, I love this picture so much.  Boys need to play. <3

Over the years Jeannie has had a lot of experience with what does and doesn't work with hospital gowns, and that's why her pattern is so fabulous!  She recommends using plastic snaps on the shoulders, both for kids' comfort and so they can wear the gown into radiology (most of the time). The coverage of her gown style is fantastic in back too, with safe ties in the perfect places.  

This style is super cute and it even allows them to play a bit! 

Here is Paxten just a couple days ago, on his latest visit. He let Mom interrupt his Legos just long enough to get a picture for us. What a great kid!  

Are you ready to make some hospital gowns too?  I'm sure children at local hospitals would love to have donations from you in fun fabrics, and of course we never know when our own children or friends might benefit from this labor of love. The pattern pieces Jeannie provided for us come in five sizes:  12/18m, 3T, 4/5, 7/8, and 10/12.  We have tested each of these sizes to make sure they sew up easily and that the fit of each will be great. 

Note: If you need a size that is larger or smaller than this, you may be able to print the pattern pieces at a larger or smaller percentage. (We don't recommend that with most patterns, but for this style the fit does not need to be precise.) Keep in mind for small babies, though, that you would want to use snaps in place of the side ties. (This pattern was not designed for babies under 12m. Please use caution.) Here are a few photos from our testers: 

Now that we're all ready and excited, you can download the free pattern here:

 CKC Child's Hospital Gown

(Note: Because of the many pattern pieces, it may take a bit longer to download than our other free patterns.) 

I'm also excited to show you that coming soon is this adorable hospital outfit for your child's favorite doll or stuffed animal!  Jeannie provided this pattern for us as well and it will be available on the blog at a later date. It even comes with little scrubs and hospital booties! Keep an eye out for that pattern.

UPDATE:  It's here!  You can find the Bear's Hospital Gown & Scrub Set by clicking here.  

Thank you again to Jeannie for her amazing example and willingness to share her pattern with all of us. We wish Paxten the best on his courageous journey! 

Let's Create! ~ Kristen 


  1. Hi! I was wondering if you might direct me to a link for the stuff animal set? I am making gowns for my 2 year old having surgery next week and would love to make a matching stuff animal gown for her lovie named "Puppy" ( a 12" wolf)

  2. HI just wondering if the teddy/doll outfit is available yet or some other time in the future, I would love to make some for our local hospital. Thankyou for such wonderful patterns..

  3. I can't find a way to download the free hospital gown pattern

  4. Hi Kristen I am not able to download the PDF of the child hospital gown would you be so kind to send it to me at my email? I'd like to make one for a brave little boy thank you

  5. How do I go about getting the hospital gown pattern. My son will have his 4th open heart surgery thicoming April. He is 4 years old and needs a 4t.

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