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Saturday, September 27, 2014

How to Embellish your Anna-Inspired Dress

Have you seen our new Annabelle's Princess Dress-Up Set pattern that was released yesterday? It is so versatile to make any color/inspiration of dress that your little princess desires!  Be sure to check out the image gallery at the link above to see all our tester versions. One that has been a favorite for obvious reasons is the Anna inspired version. Today we have Nikki here with us, our fabulous designer of Annabelle's, to help you make yours the perfect Anna inspired dress. Here's Nikki! 

I know many of you are wanting to embellish your Anna inspired dresses so we have 
decided to write a blog to help you along in the creative process. The two options I am 
going to share with you are felt and paint. You can also choose to embroider with an 
embroidery machine. 

First we will share with you how we did the felt design. We are including a template for the design we 
used. My daughter loves it on hers. You will need felt in each color you want on the dress, a fabric 
marker, scissors, and permanent fabric adhesive. (You can choose to sew the pieces on. I just found fabric 
glue to be easier). 

Print the template out HERE and cut out the pieces. You will need to determine how many of each design you need for your dress. For my dress which is inspired by the Anna Coronation Dress I needed 1 set of the bodice design and 16 sets of the skirt design (2 for each of the 8 panels). 

Now you will trace the designs onto the felt using the fabric marker. You can trace multiple onto the sheet 
before cutting them out. After you have traced them, cut them out. 

Here is everything for my top laid out before I started. 

Now you need to place the pieces onto the top/skirt in the order you want them to be. Once you get the 
pieces laid out how you want them to look, pick them up one at a time and using the fabric glue, glue them in place. 

My glue had to dry for 4 hours before moving and is washable after 48 hours. 
Now do the same thing with the skirt and you will have one happy little girl with an Anna inspired dress. 

That was simple, right? 

Now I will tell you how I embellished my other Anna inspired dress. This one requires the template 
printouts, a fabric marker, felt, and puffy paint in the colors you chose. 

I am going to start on the skirt with this one because it is a little more in detail. First thing to do is print the 
template. The scallop curve is drawn on it. I cut 2” strips of felt and used it as a guide to cut the scallops. 
Just cut the scallop piece and lay it on the 2” strip of felt, then trace it with a fabric marker across the top 
of the strip. You will need to move and trace until you have a piece long enough for the bottom of your 
skirt (mine ended up being several strips that I just stitched on). After cutting out those strips pin them on 
to the bottom of the skirt. 

Now use your sewing machine to topstitch this piece on. 

Now that you have the scallop edge along the bottom you will take the skirt template piece and use it as a 
guide to draw the design on the skirt using the fabric marker. It will look something like this when done. 
Keep in mind this is just a suggested design and you can do any design work you want on the skirt or top. 

Now trace the lines you just drew with the colors of puffy paint you chose for each part, as shown here. 

You can now use the bodice design template to do the same thing with our top. Here is a pic of my 
husband working on mine for me. Had to get him involved in all of this. 

Just let the pieces dry over night and watch the look on your little girl’s face! 

Of course if you have an embroidery machine you can also embroider it. There are many people selling the 
embroidery design on Etsy so that you can do that. We just wanted to give you a couple more options that 
you can do even without an embroidery machine. 

 ~ Nikki ~


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