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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Adding a Snap Closure to Willow's Wrap Jacket

By Katie Skoog

Is everyone getting ready for the fall and winter months that are creeping up too fast? I made my little one a Willow's Wrap Jacket and wanted it to stay closed and straight but my girl is just a wiggly little thing! So I decided to pull out my trusty KAM snap tool to fix this! If you don’t have a KAM snap tool and want something similar, consider using hook and eye closures.

To add the hidden snaps to your already-made Willow's, first we will seam rip the front sash.

If you haven’t made the Willow's yet, make it following all the directions up to the step where you attach the tie. Before you attach the tie, put it on your little one and wrap the jacket the way you want it to sit on her. Next, mark where you want the snaps to go. You will want the snaps to be covered by the tie so no one knows they are there. When figuring out your placement, make sure they are towards the center of the tie area. You don’t want to sew over a snap when attaching your tie!

I am adding three snaps to each side. This will make it adjustable for growth and because I plan on using this jacket all winter and to be able to layer this super cute jacket over all her other layers.
Now that you have your snap placement marked, follow your manufacturer's directions for applying the snaps. If you need extra help with snaps, you can refer to our blog post on How to Use KAM Snaps.

Now following the directions in the Willow's pattern, fold the sash over the snaps and finish attaching your tie.

That’s it!! How easy was that!!! 

Now your little ones can crawl, run, and play and their jacket will stay in place and look fantastic ALL the time!

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