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Monday, June 30, 2014

Guest Tutorial: A Matching Party Hat

Hello everyone!  Kristen has asked me to share an easy peasy tutorial with you for a birthday hat. It pairs perfectly with Conner's Diaper Cover Set for cake smash pics!

  • scrap fabric
  • paper party hat (you can pick up a pack of 6 for a dollar)
  • glue   (permanent glue stick, hot glue, spray adhesive, craft glue-I think you know the direction           I am going with this..if you are a crafter you have several types of glue. :) 
  • scissors 
  • marking pen
  • trim (ric rac, lace, etc)
  • pom-pom for the top of the hat

After gathering your supplies you are ready to make a super cute party hat in about 15 minutes! Well, more or less. :)

 Carefully take apart the hat where it is joined together. If you accidentally tear it you can put it back together with adhesive tape. Then, lay the unfastened hat down on the wrong side of the fabric. You will trace the hat outline onto the wrong side of the fabric with the marking pen. Gently fasten the hat back together.

Next, cut out the fabric hat piece.You can use either pinking shears or fray check if you do not want the fabric to fray.

Use spray adhesive or a permanent glue stick to adhere the fabric to the hat.

You have now completed your party hat UNLESS you want the extra touches like I do!

I used my cool glue gun to adhere the ric rac to the bottom of the hat. 

So are you still wondering what the blue thingy is in the first pic? is a pom pom maker from Clover! You can use store bought pom poms for the top or make your own. These are so fast and easy! Great directions for making the pom poms are on the packaging. After you have your pom pom, get your glue of choice out. Place a small amount of glue on top of the hat and place the pom pom on top!

Now your little one is ready to party!

Please feel free to email me at with any questions!

Thanks Kristen for the opportunity to share an easy, peasy tutorial with your readers!


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