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Monday, May 12, 2014

Monthly Mashup: Bethany's and Lily's

Every month we bring in Deborah Koch from Ma Cherie Kids to do a mash-up for us using CKC patterns. And I must say that today is one of my favorites ever!  Maybe it's the spring fever in me or maybe it's just her darling daughter, but I can't get over what she created with this mash-up! Do you want to see? (Of course you do.) 

Amazing, right! It is just so darling.  Let's look at how Deb designed this adorable romper.  First of all, she chose to use these two CKC patterns as a starting point: 

 Bethany's Fancy Party Dress  -- A customer favorite! 

And Lily's Apron Romper   It is shown above without the apron. Totally adorable. 

To start off, Deb used Bethany's top and made it according to the bodice instructions without any adaptations, except for adding the center ruffle and button embellishments afterwards. 

Then on the bottom half, Deb used Lily's.  Because the bodice of Lily's is 1" longer than the bodice of Bethany's, Deb compensated by adding 1" to the length of the Lily's pattern so the romper would come out at the perfect capri length.  Then you'll also notice in the picture above that rather than using the three ruffles that are standard for Lily's capris, Deb decided to replace the top ruffle with more eyelet ruffle trim so it would match the bodice trim.  So pretty!

When it was time to attach the top and bottom of the romper, Deb noted that they were the same width so no gathering was necessary. She also decided to add a sash as the perfect finishing touch.  She attached the sash to the romper so she wouldn't have to worry about it falling off during play.  This romper mash-up is also very kid friendly because the elastic on top comes off really easily for potty breaks.  Could it get any more perfect? 

One last detail I can't help mentioning is the gorgeous made-to-match headband that her daughter is wearing. These headbands are what Deb specializes in at Ma Cherie Kids now, and she would love to make a custom made-to-match headband for your little girl's outfit too! Please visit her boutique and take a look at the amazing creations she has to offer!

And now for my favorite photo of the day: 

Half of me wants to sit and stare at this pretty picture for hours and the other half of me wants to go sew all day long.  Thank you, Deb, for inspiring us each month with your creative use of CKC patterns. 

Let's Create! ~ Kristen 

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