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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

How To Tuesday: Faux Piping

Who doesn't love a little extra something here and there that requires minimal work and takes our handmade pieces to the next level? I know I do! 

For today's tutorial we are going to go through the very easy steps of adding faux piping to straps, sashes, and ties. If you've ever done piping the old fashioned way you know it can be a real pain, and you would need to charge an arm and a leg to add it to dresses in your boutique. Well fret no more! This faux piping takes no extra time nor extra fabric! Holla! So let's get started. 

This tutorial works with any pattern that calls for two pieces of fabric when making a strap, sash or tie. 

You will have your main fabric, in this case the dots, and your piping fabric, in this case the pink flowers. 

You will first cut your main fabric to the exact measurements that the pattern calls for. You will then cut your piping fabric .75" wider than the main fabric. 

*If your pattern calls for interfacing for fusible fleece, such as for a bag handle, you will cut the interfacing to be the same width as the piping fabric.

You will then with right sides together sew down long sides, creating a tube. Please note that because they are not the same widths they will not lay flat. See the picture below.  

Next we will turn our fabric tube right side out and press flat carefully, creating a narrow strip of piping fabric to each side of the main fabric.

If you are making a sash or ties for a dress this is the part where you will fold in your open edges and pin them.

Now on to top stitching. Some would have you stitch in the ditch to give it a more true piping feel. But I say ha! I hate stitching in the ditch so I just carefully stitch around the piece making sure to just barely catch my "piping". 

Hope you all enjoy this fun tutorial and find all sorts of ways to incorporate it into your personal sewing! If you love to see photos and have some that you would like to add to this blog for later viewing, feel free to email me photos at 

Happy sewing y'all, 

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