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Monday, December 9, 2013

Sixth Day of Christmas: Colton's Crayon Roll

Did you all have a great weekend? We're back at it again with our free tutorials! 

  On the sixth day of Christmas, CKC gave to me... 
A Crayon Roll for kids
 Cozy for my Cup
A handy Scrap Catcher,
 Stylish D-Ring Belt,
  Ruffled Camera Strap --
And a Stocking to put my gifts in!  

I am in love with our free tutorial for today! This is Colton's Crayon Roll and it has happiness written all over it!  The crayon roll has a little slot for each of the crayons to easily slide down into, and we even provide you with instructions for both a 16-pack and a 24-pack of crayons. 

When the crayons are all snug in their places, a child can easily roll it up and secure the roll closed!  Now the crayons are ready for travel or to be put away safely - no more flimsy boxes to fall through or containers that tip over. Everybody wins! 

You can download the free PDF for Colton's Crayon Roll here. I can't wait to get started on my own! What a perfect little gift it will be for my kids this Christmas. (Okay, I'll be honest. I'm going to make one for myself too.)  Please share your finished photos with us on the fan page - we love to see what you make. 

Let's Create! ~ Kristen

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