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Monday, December 16, 2013

Eleventh Day of Christmas: Paper Dolls

It's Kristen here and I have a little confession to make. First of all, I have never been one to tell secrets. I kind of keep to myself. But I have to say, if anything has ever tempted me to spill the beans on a secret, it was today's tutorial! That probably sounds a little crazy - but just wait and see how fabulous it is. I have been counting down the days to its release! (But no, I didn't tell anyone.) So now that I gave you totally high expectations, here are Tiffany and Shannon to give you our fabulous free tutorial for today: 

  On the eleventh day of Christmas, CKC gave to me...
Amazing Paper Dolls
 Fancy Fabric Crown
 Scrappy Photo Banner
Pretty Lace Bracelet
 Fox named Felix 
 Crayon Roll for kids
♪   Cozy for my Cup!   
A handy Scrap Catcher,
 Stylish D-Ring Belt,
  Ruffled Camera Strap --
And a Stocking to put my gifts in!  

If you're like us, you spent many days as a child playing with paper dolls. However, paper dolls are so hard to find these days, so we thought "Why not make our own?!?" When we came up with this crazy idea, we weren't really sure how to execute it so we turned to our staff for ideas. Lo and behold, the amazing Maria is a woman of many talents and was able to take this picture:

...and turn it into our newest "masterpiece"! Check out the paper dolls for yourself below, including the 8 different versions of our patterns that we included! We have BIG plans for these little girls in 2014! We're pretty sure you all know how paper dolls work, but we're going to include some info below to get you on your way!

  • Download paper dolls here.
  • Make sure to use 100+ lb cardstock. Anything lower than 100lb for these dolls will not work. This cardstock can be found at Michael's for $.69 a sheet. For the clothes, I've been using 50lb and its perfect!
  • We recommend you use an exacto knife to cut the red slits for the clothing tabs to slide through.
  • Print the clothes on white cardstock to have your children color and decorate the clothes themselves; they can be designers like mommy!
  • Print the clothes on patterned scrapbook paper for fast and cute clothes!
  • Try printing the dolls and clothes on magnet paper for a fun alternative to the standard paper doll! This would be great for traveling as well!
  • Use the clothes for yourself to arrange fabrics on for your future designs!
  • Share with your boutique customers so that their children can have dolls to match their outfits as well!
  • Great stocking stuffers or after school crafts for kids!
After you cut out your dolls and your stand, fold the stand in half and slide through the notches to have it stand as pictured below. 

If you have any great ideas for these dolls, we would love to hear! We can't wait to print these out for our own girls to color and start designing! They are going to flip when they see that their dolls look like them! 

Happy Designing!
Shannon and Tiffany

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