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Monday, October 14, 2013

Mash Up Monday

So what happens when you take the bodice of Lorelai
and the skirt of Sabrina and mash them together?
 Well you get one of the most adorable mash ups ever!! Okay so maybe Im bias because I think everything is adorable on my Ayla.
So its been a while since we have done a mash up blog so lets get to looking at some others that you, our lovely fans have sent us.
1st we have a mash up that one of our fabulous testers Susan. She mashed the Phoebe's bodice with a Violette's bottom shortened to top length.
Next is Rebecca who made an AWESOME Halloween costume by  mashing Penelope's bodice and using the skirt measurements from poppy (but shorter). I love it!!!
Then we have Edna who mashed up Violette's bodice and skirt of Tiffany's. Talk about using your patterns year round!
Alrighty guys I hope this quick little blog gives you some great ideas on how to utilize all those patterns you are stock piling!!
Happy Sewing Y'all!

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